Airbnb Announces Online Festivals With Exclusive K-Pop Experiences Featuring 14 K-Pop Artist And Personalities

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Recetly Airbnb announced their latest online experience lineup featuring 14 different K-Pop artists and personalities who have personally selected their own event and are ready to share their experience with fans online.

This online festival will be a part called Inside K-Pop, where the artist, Stylists, and choreographers will be taking fans on a rare look inside the world of K-Pop and will share their top tips about what makes a K-Pop artist so successful.

The price of the ticket is affordable being only ₩21,000 KRW ($19.00 USD). But only 20 people can sign up per experience, so fans will need to be fast in purchasing the ticket.

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney and I.M will be hosting a mukbang featuring the cheap but delicious foods of Korean convenience stores, from ramen and triangle kimbap to sausages and ice cream.

Jamie will be showing off her transform her bare face into one perfect for any season, with her makeup and skincare routine tips.

THE BOYZ‘s Jacob, Kevin, Ju Haknyeon, and Eric will be sharing their newfound love of bead craft with fans.

CRAVITY‘s Woobin, Seongmin, Hyeongjun, and Allen will be sharing their personal Royal Rice Cakes recipe.

Dreamcatcher‘s Handong will be sharing how to get that perfect picture with a real look at what goes on during a photo shoot, as well as providing her own personal tips to capture the perfect picture.

AleXa will be sharing her passion for dance, and teach fans choreography from her songs “Bomb”, “Do or Die” and “Revolution”. She also has hinted there is a special surprise for the fans who attend her experience.

Former U-Kiss member Kevin Woo will also be sharing a photoshoot experience, and his own tips for expressions and gestures built on his 10 years of experience.

Nive will be holding a mini-concert before moving on to talk about his journey to becoming an artist, and also will share his own tips on songwriting and producing.

Hair stylist Yeseul will teach you hair styling and will also reveal the secrete of how they mange to keep their hair look good on the stage while artist are performing.

IZ*ONE’s choreographer Dasom will share how she created the choreography to some of IZ*ONE’s most iconic songs. She is also part of the Freemind dance crew, which has worked with MONSTA X, CRAVITY, and Weeekly.

IZ*ONE’s makeup artist Haemin of ALUU, will share how to create the perfect look while still maintaining functionality during high-intensity performances and occasions.

ALUU, IZ*ONE’s hair stylist Yonghan will share industry secrets about hair styling and how to recreate some of IZ*ONE’s most famous hairstyles.

Heize’s makeup artist Yoonsun will be sharing how to get the perfect layered make-up style and how to hide any imperfections on your face.

ATEEZ’s choreographer Hojun of BB Trippin will teach guests how to perform ATEEZ’s choreography, and also hold a discussion about K-Pop dance.

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