Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol’s Agency Confirms Dating Rumors, Netizens Reacts

The agency representing Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol has confirmed the rumours that the two are dating. The news has sparked reactions from netizens.

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Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol Caught in Dating Rumours, Agencies Respond, Netizens Reacts

Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol’s Agency Confirms Dating Rumors, Netizens Reacts

On March 15th, rumours of Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol dating surfaced after a Japanese tourist made an Instagram post claiming to have seen them relaxing by a poolside bed.


Previously denying these dating rumours, Ryu Jun Yeol‘s agency  C-JeS Studio has now confirmed that he is dating Han So Hee.

Here is Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency C-JeS Studio statement:

"Hello, this is C-JeS Studio.


Starting with the report on their Hawaii sighting, speculative articles about Ryu Jun Yeol’s private life started to appear. We would like to tell you the facts.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee started dating at the beginning of 2024. He got to know Han So Hee after he ended his relationship with Hyeri and, as of recently, they pursued each other.

We asked that the media respect their privacy, rather than focusing on  an official confirmation, as this all stemmed from an unauthorized filming while the two were on vacation. But when we refused to comment, the actors’ personal rights were seriously violated with misunderstandings and unnecessary speculations for two days. So we would like to ask you again.


In order to protect the actors’ personal rights, we will not issue an official statement on every single request to confirm/deny the matters of our artists’ private life. We hope you understand.

Also, our legal team will respond with firm action against any slander or malicious posts sharing false information directed at our actors.

Thank you."



Even actress Han So Hee has personally confirmed she is in a relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol. She shared a post on her Instagram stating:

“Hello, everyone. Some of you may have been surprised or hurt by the news about me over the past few days. I thought it would be better to let articles break the news, but I realized that would feel more like a notification. So I am writing this to lessen the pain that my fans, whom I value dearly, might feel.


First, [Ryu Jun Yeol] and I have feelings for each other and are in a relationship. However, I would like everyone to refrain from using the term ‘hwanseung’ (or literally “Transfer,” a Korean slang for cheating, rebounding, and/or switching). It is true we met through a photo exhibition, but the main purpose of my visiting the photo exhibition was to see the exhibition with my photographer friend. I heard that we might be working together [in a future work] so I went to greet him there.

Second, we developed feelings for each other in 2024. From what I heard, he ended his relationship with [Hyeri] early 2023, but the articles about their breakup came out in November. Based on this fact, I decided to pursue how I was feeling and build the relationship.

Third, my Instagram story was pathetic. You’re right. It was lame and petty. I should have just stayed quiet and done nothing. But I think I lost my mind for a bit and posted something that rude because I saw a flood of rumors saying that my relationship began before hers ended. I would like to apologize to [Hyeri] for this and I sincerely apologize to everyone, too, for not handling the situation more sensibly. Regardless of the reason, I admit that this was my fault as I acted without thinking.


Fourth, there will be news articles about this, of course. But they won’t represent the entirety of my feelings and thoughts. The only place that I can communicate with my fans is this blog, so here I am. I’m sorry that I am suddenly springing this on you. I want nothing but good news to share, but I’ve caused my fans to lose sleep and feel upset over constantly seeing news about this whole situation. And I’m sorry for that. I’ve always said this in a half-joking, half-serious manner, but I know that I still have a long way to go—because while I am turning 30, I have yet again made a mess and caused some concern. Still, I am grateful that I can share a bit of my feelings here, and I’m sorry. Really, I’m having a lot of mixed feelings.

These days, I feel like the idea that I need to show only the best side of me is probably destroying me more. I’ve lived a life that focused more on the results, and not on the process of reaching the results. But looking back, I wonder if I’ve been missing out on the fleeting moments. I’m sure the reason you like me is more than just a few pictures and videos. If you think I am conceited and arrogant, then even if I think I am not, I might have displayed some of those traits to an extent. I think it is time to admit that I have changed and that I need to return to where I started, to find what I truly wanted to do and what made me happy. Maybe going on a vacation after two years has turned me into a fool, but as I said earlier, I’m open to constructive criticism, please.

It breaks my heart to think of my fans who have worried about me during this time. But I know that it’s better to own up to my mistakes and take responsibility for my wrongdoings. So, thank you for supporting and believing that I will become a better person. I am sorry, but please know that I also want to do better. Maybe that is just my greed, but I will work on controlling myself better and becoming more mature for the next time I see everyone. I’m sorry to write such a heavy message on the blog I only update a few times a year.”


Previously, Han So Hee posted a cryptic reply to Hyeri's alleged story regarding the situation.

“I don’t like people who have a lover,

nor do I give them space, interest,

or establish a relationship under

the guise of friendship,

nor do I meddle in other

people’s relationships.

I like transit dating programs,

but they’re not a part of my life


I find it funny, too.”


Netizens many had criticized Han So Hee for her initial reaction. But now supporting her after confirming dating rumours.



  • Only Ryu Jun Yoel’s image has become like a magic man, while both ladies’ took hits.

  • Why is Hyeri innocent? LOL. Didn’t she make a huge mistake? She was the start of the entire incident.

  • Please get married. Don’t disturb the rest of society and just marry each other for sure.

  • Is everyone jumping on Hyeri now? Seems like her emotions just got the better of her. Everyone sure has much interest in the matters of others.

  • This is so funny really.

  • If I had to pick just one person who did wrong, it’s Hyeri. LOL.

  • Han So Hee, hwaiting.


  • “I find it funny too.” Wow. I saw her story and wondered why she wrote that at the end. Turns out she was responding to Hyeri’s story. Crazy.

  • I can’t believe this is happening over Ryu Jun Yeol. It’s true that my image of Han So Hee is broken all of a sudden though. What she wrote is so unbelievable, and so is the photo she attached with the dog holding a knife. What’s up with that, ugh.

  • I mean, it’s not for sure that Hyeri was attacking her.

  • She probably felt wronged to have been cursed out when she was just staying still.

  • Han So Hee is so pitiful. She was cursed out to the point where she was almost ousted from the industry, and she gets cursed out more for uploading this.

  • I wonder what she did wrong LOL. She was basically treated as a rebound.

  • I don’t want to know about their private lives.

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