A New Idol Beginning, ENHYPEN Boy’s Enter Into Their Elegant Dorm Filled With Wow, Awe And Fun: Ep1, ENHYPEN&HI

A New Idol Beginning, ENHYPEN Boy’s Enter Into Their Elegant Dorm Filled With Wow, Awe And Fun: Ep1, ENHYPEN&HI

With just few weeks away for the debut of ENHYPEN boys enter into their alluring dorm, as members has to start preparing to transition from trainee life to idol life. Recently the first episode of ENHYPEN&HI was out and they’ve been receiving all love before their debut only, is nothing but so special warm feeling.

At the beginning of the episode, members going crazy on their way to visit dorm and as soon as they enter into the house boys were surprised to see such a huge glorifying interior. Unlike any other, ENHYPEN got a spacious living and their sudden reaction is, “Wow, hold up! This is crazy! This is no joke! This is legendary!”

Boys started off with re-living their moments from the time of I-LAND on television. Next up we have modern styled kitchen and we saw Jay enjoying his morning cola-guzzling ritual. Particularly, Sunoo was excited to see a capacious makeup room, not this, even bathroom as it’s own comfort with a jet bathtub and separate shower cubicle. Guess what? More thrilling was to see the sleeping setup with all seven members into one room only, now they can connect more with eachother. Usually for such size of group has separate rooms splitting into two or three but this one is astonishing!

After arriving in the parking garage, they visited Big Hit Entertainment’s famous artist lounge and after that they entered into the top artists BTS’s practice room. The place where Bangtan Boy’s sweat, blood, a lot of practice and tears turned into reality today! ENHYPEN can’t believe they were actually present in that room and Jay said, “I can’t believe we’re setting foot here”.

Further boys were thrilled to see when automated blinds suddenly began to cover the mirrors and Jungwon said, “I thought they stuck paper on the mirror every time”.

Atlast, we saw Bang Shi Hyuk concluding some wise words that he wanted to share with boys. Firstly, he start with Congratulating boys that new life of idol has started. Bang Shi goes on talking about the K-Pop world and emphasized how K-Pop idols are nothing without their fans. He continues to remind the members that it is truly the fans that drive the entire industry. Also fans are the one who love on their idols with the utmost affection and usually also they are who bound to find out the identity of who their idols really are.

Lastly, band member Heeseung concluded the video by sharing his gratitude to their fans. He stated that he was happy to find out about the immense support that they’ve been gaining and further said he will work even harder without losing any determination.

ENHYPEN’s first and foremost album will soon gonna hit your playlist from November 30. And their followers cannot wait for this special occasion. Wishing all the success and happiness to ENHYPEN’s upcoming life!

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