A Guide To ANIME For Beginners: Everything You Wanted To Know, And Were Doubtful To Ask

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world of anime has a different perspective in the eyes of different people. Some find it immersive some find it hard to believe while others just watch it to be released off their stress. The world of anime is just like an escape from reality feeling only if you do it right. Not to worry folk as your ‘Senpai’ I am here to provide you with everything that you need to know about anime. From knowledge of the anime comics called Manga and the animation series, I will be covering everything. If you are a newbie and want to enjoy some stress-free moments Follow your ‘Senpai’. Not to forget I have compiled a list of some of the best Anime you can jump into without knowing anything about the genre. 

So what is anime? Anime is a form of animation that originated in Japan. Anime is the term used to refer to any form of an animated cartoon in Japan.
Over time anime has gained popularity from being a niche genre to a mainstream genre.  Some studios like Funimation began to import Anime shows into North America, and worldwide which increased the demand for anime even more. Originally, Anime content was only available as subbed or dubbed. Subbing means having a show with English Subtitles while the original Japanese voice actors were conserved in the audio. Dubbed refers to the dubbing over of the Japanese vocals using English speaking voice actors. But the issue with dubbing was that sometimes the emotions presented in the subbed version of the anime was not completely captured in the dub version of the anime. Many Studios, such as Toei Animation, began re-releasing remastered and newly dubbed editions of popular shows such as Dragon Ball Z, strictly for the English speaking audience. They also continue this with new shows as well.

Now coming to the topic that you have been waiting for. The anime that freshers should start with.

1. Dragon Ball z
Among one of the legendary animes ever created, the best fighting Anime, Dragon Ball Z is an action television series showing a massive cast of characters. The story revolves around a ma named, Goku, as well as his extended family and friends, all of who are expert martial arts fighters with various powers. The premise involves magical orbs known as Dragon Balls, that grant the finder one wish. But this fantasy does bring much threat to earth especially to Goku and his family.

2. Sailor Moon
Well, this romantic comedy is surely going to make you laugh like a mad man. The story is about a teenage girl, who finds out that she is a princess-soldier fated to save the world. The show features a group of girls booting monster butt while handling the pressures of teenage life and relationships.

3.Death Note.
If you are into mystery and puzzles then this anime is the one for you. Death Note is a story about a boy who discovers a mysterious book, which gives him the power to kill anyone whose name is written in it. This enters him on a journey of trying to rid the world of evil, and the moral problems of becoming a killer himself. The series is incredibly serious and features a supernatural inclination to it that audiences have come to love. 

4. Attack on titans
Pure action lovers and mystery solvers are most preferred to see this anime as this anime in a heavenly blend of both genres. The story revolves showing a world occupied by giants known as Titans, where a young boy pledges revenge and to rid the world of these monsters. Together with a group of others, they join the fight to protect their world and take on the giants, in what looks to be a hopeless fight. 

5. Black clover
Magic and fantasy lovers this one is for you. In a world where everyone has magical powers known as Mana, there are cast divided in them where one half is people loved by Mana called as the nobles and the other who is not so much blessed with it called as peasants. But there is one such person on the peasant’s side who was not blessed with any mana at all. The story revolves around how this boy Asta grows to be the greatest wizard king and the hardships he faces to be one.

Form movie lovers who are not much into anime here are some hand-picked movies that you should begin with.

1.Ghost In The Shell
Ghost In The Shell inspired the failed live-action movie but remains one of the best Anime movies ever. The film is set in a cyberpunk prospect. The story sees a technologically modified officer of, their interpretation of the law, who is on the lookout for a hacker. While she does this, her understanding of identity and truth comes into question. The movie is filled with jaw-dropping action sequences. The Ghost In The Shell is responsible for motivating such mainstream and blockbuster film franchises as The Matrix.


2.Your name.
Your Name is an emotional teen romantic drama. The story shows a boy and a girl switch bodies with one another. The beautiful story has the character desperately craving a varied life. So when an unexplained incredible event causes them to switch bodies, they begin to care for one another. The cuteness of the film and style of creative animation made the movie one of Japan’s biggest commercial successes. 

3. Perfect Blue
This movie is for people who love the thriller genre. This anime that’s a psychological thriller is unique. The main character is a musician, whose desire to be an actress causes her to lose her grip on existence. As murders occur all around her, she must conserve her mind, while figuring out what’s going on with her. 
Perfect Blue has been the inspiration for many high-profile Hollywood films such as Black Swan and Inception. 

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