A Call To Spy Movie Review – Radhika Apte Daring Act, Stana Katic Brilliant Performance Uplifts The World War II Drama


While there have been innumerable movies on World War II like Dunkirk, Unbroken, Allied, Fury etc which have been dominated by male chauvinism but not much have been spoken about the role of female counterpart.

This is where Lydia Dean Pilcher directed A Call To Spy wins the brownie points with its true portrayal of three exemplary women. 

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During the World War II, British empire stood tall against the Nazi domination when Winston Churchill created spy agencies that could deport their spies in France and sabotage Nazi’s plan to win the war against British empire. A Call To Spy tells the true stories of three women spies – Vera Atkins (played by Stana Katic), a secretary of the Special Operations Executive, recruits Virginia Hall (Sarah Megan Thomas) and Noor Inayat Khan (Radhika Apte) who proved to be valuable for the British in their fight against the Nazis.

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Directed by Lydia Dean Pilcher (Radium Girls), A Call To Spy is more of the heroic effort, sacrifice and dedication of women spies rather than the World War II drama as three remarkable women venture out behind the enemy lines, using their skills to obtain the confidential information. While the first few minutes of A Call To Spy will keep you on the toes, after 30 minutes or so, the film starts loosing the focus with diverse events occurring at the same time which fails to connect the dots. A spy thriller should be accompanied with cat and mouse chases. tense and nail biting moments which is clearly missing in A Call To Spy.

A Call To Spy also suffers from the prolonged length which could be cut short by atleast 15-20 minutes. On the positive side, A Call To Spy goes well with excellent cinematography and fantastic art direction coupled with a good background. 

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A Call To Spy boast off some solid performances by the star cast. Sarah Megan Thomas is simply convincing in her act as Virginia Hall. The brilliant actress transforms herself into the role of spy and walks away with a stunning performance. Radhika Apte shines as Noor Inayat Khan. Radhika shows natural charisma in her act and should be lauded for powerful performance. I loved Stana Katic even though she was behind the desk most of the time while orchestrating the entire mission.

Overall, A Call To Spy does well in term of telling the true story of how women spies helped British build resistance against the French occupied Nazis. Good 3/5

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