8Yrs Of Jimin: Here’s Some Of The Cutest Facts Of Our BTS Jiminnie That Won’t Let You Get Enough Of Him!

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BTS fans w have great news for you. Today will be covering the journey and some cute facts of the lead vocalist Jimin as he completes 8 years of being a part of BTS.
The singer for BTS, Park Ji-min or professionally known as “Jimin” was born on Oct. 13, 1995, in the South Korean port city of Busan. He has some pretty cute facts about him that any fan should know.

1.Friends and his smile.
We can all agree that Jimin can smile with his eyes. He believes that his ability to smile with his eyes is his point of attraction. Jimin has the smallest hands amongst the BTS members. His pinky is only half the length of V’s, who has the biggest hands in the BTS group. This part was mentioned in the song “Friends”, which is sung by V & Jimin. It’s also about their friendship!
Also speaking about friendships we have news that Jimin is a great friend with late-night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon. After he released his self-written and composed song “Promise”, Fallon took to Twitter congratulate Jimin saying: “Ooooohhhhhhh my man JIMIN with a solo jam!! I love it. Congrats! Your brother, Chimmy

2. Nicknames, food and animal
Well, Jimin has a huge lot of nicknames that include- Jiminie, mochi, manggaeddeok (rice cake), Chim-Chim, and Prince of Busan. Mochi, one of these nicknames, believe it or not, came from his earlier days with BTS where he had extremely precious chubby cheeks. 
Talking about the food he loves spicy foods. He thinks they’re the best thing ever. The issue with that is, unfortunately, he can’t handle them adequately.
Jimin is also a great animal lover! He loves befriending both cats & dogs. Although he is slightly more keen on befriending cats. In his solo music video “Intro: Serendipity”, he was bound and determined to befriend that cat.

3 Socials
Jimin is super active on social media, pretty much using the BTS account regularly. He surely makes a point or posts his regular life along with his bandmates as selfies or other posts on Instagram

He’s also famed for posting funny pictures of his bandmates, and especially posting the most hilarious pics on their birthdays.

That being said he covers the cute little fact that people fans of BTS should know about Jimin. We congratulate Jimin on completing 8 years with the BTS and hope for greater records from him in the future.

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