8 Creative Things To Do on Your Weekend

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Methodically planning out a weekend after a hectic week sounds like a nerd’s job to me. But it’s not so bad if we know what is in it for us. Sometimes only deciding on how to spend your weekend becomes a hell of a task. So to relieve you all from the the drama of deciding and planning, I have brought you a list of fun things you can do in the comfort of your own home on weekends.

1) Binge Watching

Both teens and adults have a busy schedule for the whole week. From attending online classes and meetings to submitting assignments and reports, nobody finds the time in between to watch their favourite shows and movies. Weekends are the best time to sit back and relax. Enjoy watching the shows you’d left dead in the middle, or re-watch the movies you’d loved!

2) Play Board/Card Games

Spending quality time with friends and family on weekends is a must. And the best way to reconnect is playing games together. Board games like Ludo, Monopoly, Chess, etc is sure to give a group the relaxed laughter and a sense of relief. You could even play Card Games! To make it even more interesting, use the monopoly currency to pretend that you guys are gambling!

3) Wake ‘n’ Bake

After a week full of stress and work, do you want to have an amazing time with your partner? Well, the best way to have a romantic moment with them is to bake together! After all, sweets pave a path for a healthier and sweeter relationship! Bake cakes, cookies, muffins together or try a new recipe in your kitchen and enjoy!

4) Spend Quality Time With Your Pets

Our little furry friends seem to miss out on all the warmth and attention they should be getting because of our work. But weekends are the time god has given us all to make it up to them. Take them for a walk, play with them and cuddle with them to sleep. They love your affection more than anything else in this world, trust me.

5) Reorganize and Recap

Do not miss out on shaking up your place once in a while. Get rid of the mess in your home while you catch up on the podcasts you’d been ignoring for days. Reorganizing your home is therapeutic. You will feel a sense of calm wash over you once you are finished.

6) Tye-Dye T-shirts

If you have kids, this is an activity you are going to love as a family. You can Tye-Dye your T-shirts and create amazing patterns for yourself to wear. Make them for your pets too! Such T-shirts are unique and everyone loves them. You might even want to take group pictures once you are done with the whole process.

7) Make a Scrapbook

To make yourself feel good, take all your photos you’d been collecting and storing in a drawer in your closet. Paste them in a scrapbook and wirte whatever you feel at the moment in it. You can decorate it and there’s nobody stopping you from barring your creativity.

8) Catch up on your hobbies

Everybody has something that they love to do. You could be a reader, a writer, a singer, a dancer, a painter or a musician. This is the best time that you get back to your hobby and be in touch with all so that you don’t lose yourself in the work load! Explore your talents and show the world what you are capable of!

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