7 Safe Countries For Women to Travel (alone or in a group)

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Travelling the world is something which is common on everyone’s bucket list. We’ve all wished once in our lives to travel solo. But there are times when we hold ourselves back because the places we want to visit aren’t safe for women. In such cases, we either have to travel with a group of friends or family, or drop te plan altogether. But ladies, there’s nothing to worry about. I bring you a list of 7 countries which are totally safe for you all to travel, alone or in a group! Yes, you heard me right! Pack your bags, select your destination and get going girls!

1) Oman

Oman is a country in the Middle East. It is well known for old architecture, forts and many beautiful museums. If you are a historic junkie this place is exactly right for you and you can enjoy this place with many camping trips and visit the beaches here.

2) Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful country in Europe. It has many retreat spas and you can witness the majestic falls and amazing hot springs. if you are looking for a therapeutic experience this place is perfect for you.

3) Japan

Home to the famous mount Fuji, Japan brings a perfect blend of modern and ancient architecture. Like many Anime enthusiasts would know, this place is a treat to eyes and one would never regreat visiting Japan and learning the Japanese culture.

4) Switzerland

Switzerland is a mountainous European nation with ski resorts, lakes and influential cities. The scenic mountains and a serene atmosphere is exactly what you need to get out of your chaotic world. If you like hiking, this place is a nice option for you.

5) Barbados

Swimming with the turtles and deep diving sounds like an amazing idea to me. Barbados is a country in the Caribbean which brings you the opportunity to experience it all fully. the mesmerizing beaches and beautiful seas with palm tress will wash you with the wave of calm.

6) Chile

A country in the South America which is home to many famous stone-statues and sunrise views, scenic beach with archaelogical statues, lakes and active volcano is just the right place for all the adventure loving people. This country is a must visit if you like adrenaline pulsing through your veins.

7) Ireland

Ireland is a European country which is home to medieval castles, lush forested mountains, valleys, lakes and Gothic style Victorian nunnery and gardens. All the literature enthusiasts and academians can come to this place to find motivation and other people who wish to witness the magnificent castles and architecture have found just the right place!

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