6 Years Of Edge Of Tomorrow – Why Tom Cruise Starrer Is One Of The Best Time Travel Flick

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Imagine your life being caught in a time loop in which you die and re- live the same day again and again. Probably one of most under-rated film of Tom Cruise, Doug Liman directed Edge of Tomorrow was a box office flop but was appreciated with a unique concept of time-travel – mixed up the time-loop along with alien invasion. 

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As the Earth is under heavy attack from aliens, a soldier (Cage) gets caught in a time-loop during the war in which he re-lives a day before the doomsday. Interestingly, his skills increases as he lives, dies and repeats in the time-loop cycle which helps him get closer to defeating the aliens.

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From the director of The Bourne Identify and Mr & Mrs Smith, Doug Liman successfully transforms a complex story into refreshing and intriguing plot in Edge Of Tomorrow which will keep you on your toes throughout. The scenes becomes repeated as same cycle goes over and over but Liman makes it interesting portraying each frame with unique style added with humor. Hats off to the editing making it more crispy and witty. Screenplay is tight holding your attention every second. Cinematography is splendid. Art direction is applauding. CGI and action scenes are outstanding along with nice background score making superior contribution to the finished product.

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Tom Cruise surprises you with yet another knockout role. The legendary actor is getting better and better with each film. He gives a flawless performance both in action and comedy scenes. Emily Blunt gives an adequate support as a fearless and gallant soldier. Bill Paxton is likable in a small but important role.

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Based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel All You Need is Kill, Edge Of Tomorrow was intriguing, enthralling making it to the 2014’s must watch movies list. Edge Of Tomorrow is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video and currently holds 7.9 rating in IMDB from 614,181 users and has 91% fresh rating in Rotten Tomatoes. Edge Of Tomorrow was released in US on 6th June 2014 and collected $100.2 million in North America and $270.3 million worldwide, summing up the global haul of $370.5 million against a budget of $178 million.

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