6 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

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We all have a personal space which we like to design and adjust as per our tastes. Our ideas run crazy at the thought of it and sometimes we end up doing more than of what is actually required. It results in a chaotic mess whic leads to us dumping the whole idea. Bedroom is one room which is supposed to be clutter free because that room is supposed to give us peace, a solace for our rumbling souls. It’s supposed to bring us happy thoughts. “Less is more”, this phrase fits perfectly with our plan to DIY our bedrooms. So today I’m here to help you all decorate your little space, i.e., your bedroom. All my ideas are pocket friendly and I have tried some of them myself. So let’s get started.

1) Use of Indoor Plants

People who don’t have a green thumb even fall to the charms of indoor plants. They tend to bring life to a room. Some indoor plants are low maintenance and they are a great way too boost your mood. Other than just adding colour to your little space, they are like attractive aesthetics which could eve bring out your gardening skills. Other than just being beautiful, some are even known to purify the air inside our homes. Here are some the indoor plants which you can have in your room:

• Chinese Water Bamboo

• String of Pearls

• Aloe Vera

• Jade Plant

• Pathos Plant or Devil’s Ivy

You can put the plant of your choice right next to your bed or near your room window.

2) White Theme with Colour Splash

Some minimalists like their rooms to be white themed, like hotel rooms. But what they fail to understand is that a touch of some colour would do no harm to their surroundings. If you are unsure of adding some colour, then trust me on my word and add some pastels to your room. Pastel shades are very soothing to the eyes. You can use curtains or pillowcases of pastel colour. Other than this, if you feel like experimenting, you may add a bright coloured frame or clock to your wall. Bright colours like yellow and light orange are happy colours. But it’s advisable to use only a couple of items if you are going for bright colours whereas if you use pastel colours, you can go with around five to six articles of your room.

3) Books

It might sound odd, but all my reader friends would agree that books have a certain charm which nobody is immune to. Paperbacks or hardcovers stacked in a neat order on a side table or in a small book shelf can help you turn your room into an appealing aesthetic. If you aren’t a big fan of books, you can stack up your magazines but they wouldn’t be as effective as books are. This isn’t a hard follow and it’s mostly for the people who are avid readers and like to have a small library of their own. Along with it, if you are opting to get a small bookshelf, go for a woodsy shelf. It’ll warm up and cozy up your environment.

4) Fairy Lights

Twinkling lights can be a game changer to brighten up a dull room. Fairy lights of colour go extremely well with basically any kind of a room. You can put them neatly over your headboard. They look very appealing and can give you a instagram worthy picture of your room! Make sure to use LED lights as they consume less power and are more efficient. You can even use the fairy lights to outline your dressing table or mirror or whatever you have in your room.

5) Blend Rough and Soft Textures

This idea might seem crazy but having two articles which have no similarly at all can go very well together. Like a rough stone table can be placed next to your bed which is covered in linen or cotton sheets. Or you can have a mirror against a brick wall if you have one. It can be a tricky job to blend the rough and soft textures together peacefully, but if it’s dne the right way, it will make your room look beautiful.

6) Monochromatic Geometry

You can use a monochrome corner in your room which is aesthetically pleasing. A couple of paintings with geometry designs can be hung up on your wall. And for the basic furniture in your room you can play with monochrome colours. Combining the two is a great idea and is a treat to sore eyes. You might even draw and shade the patterns yourself and get them framed. This way you’ll be able to get exactly what you like.

Hope these ideas were useful. Share your views about the in the comments section below! Have a good day.

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