5 Most Popular English Sitcoms That We Would Love To Have Remade In Hindi!


While we have a number of daily soaps running on Indian digital and television space, we would love to have remakes of these English sitcoms!

We Indians love dramas and hence love watching sitcoms. But aren’t we all fed up with the usual done-to-death cliché stories? While we know that the regular shows will always have their own fan following, there’s no harm in having something new for the audience who wants a little change. Hence a remake of the popular English sitcoms is not a bad idea.

But before you all jump on the conclusion that a remake might ruin the original shows for us, let us tell you that even we agree that an actual copy might not work. But taking an inspiration from them is something that we can surely have.

So here are the 5 most popular English sitcoms of all time that we think should be remade in Hindi:

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S


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Probably the most loved sitcom over, this one just had to be on our list. Six friends united with love and friendship is an amazing theme that the show had and the comedy part just added to the beauty of the show.

2. How I Met Your Mother


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We Indians anyway love flashbacks. So going down the memory lane, the father telling his kids how he met their mother is something that we would definitely love to watch. We can obviously have some desi tadka in the show when being remade in Hindi.

3. The Big Bang Theory


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We very well know what a girl can do to a bunch of guys, especially in our daily soaps and B-town films. Just like how Penny’s entry made the show interesting, we can have our very own desi ‘The Big Bang Theory’ with a beautiful girl and some geeky handsome guys.

4. The Office


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Whether it is the US or India, the office culture remains same everywhere and every working person would be able to relate to it. Some ego clashes, some stress, some romance and some work in between all these dramas-  these ingredients make up a perfect recipe for a hindi sitcom.

5. Modern Family


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Well since most of our daily soaps are based on family dramas only, there’s no need to say that we love it. The only difference here would be that it will be a little different from our cliché saas-bahu scenes. But a little change is always good for our lives? Isn’t it?

Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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