5 Most-Expensive Things Owned By The Couple Virushka: From A Range Rover To A Rs 34 Crore Home, Have A Look

5 Most-Expensive Things Owned By The Couple Virushka: From A Range Rover To A Rs 34 Crore Home, Have A Look

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No doubt, the cricketer Virat Kohli and the actress Anushka Sharma aka Virushka are one of the most-loved couples in out country who recently became parents to a girl child earlier this year.

And the one who is very successful and well-known individually too in their respective field of work which went on to make them independent and partially rich by owing some expensive stuff.

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Let’s have a look at five most-expensive things owned by the pair:

  • Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography

According to India Today, the couple owns one of the expensive vehicle Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography (long wheelbase) that bought by Anushka in 2018 which is worth Rs 4 crore.

File:2019 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography SDV8 Automatic 4.4 Front.jpg  - Wikipedia
  • Bentley Flying Spur

And another car has its unique Matrix headlamps, 6.0 liter, and W12 engine is worth around 3.97 Crore, owned by Virat, according to Cartoq.

Bentley Flying Spur (2005) - Wikipedia
  • A Fashion Label owned by Anushka Sharma

A fashion label named Nush was launched in the year 2017 which by owned by the entrepreneur Anushka Sharma, according to reports which is now valued at Rs 65 crores.

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  • Rs 34 crore currently living home of the couple

Virat and Anushka live in a Rs 34 crore home, in Mumbai and this luxurious property is spread over an area of 7,171 square feet. 

Anushka Sharma holds daughter Vamika close as she returns to Mumbai with Virat  Kohli, see photos | Entertainment News,The Indian Express
  • A luxurious home owned by Anushka Sharma

In Mumbai’s posh area, the actress bought 3 flats on its 20th floor and then decided to convert all three into one that turned in 6,000-square foot property that is worth Rs. 10 crore, according to India Today.

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Can surely say a proud and one of the successful couples in the industry. Such dedicated and hardwork ones deserves anything in the world.

God bless both of them!

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