5 fashion trends during lockdown


From cities to economy, lockdown has caused a lot of damage to everything. Social distancing seems to be hitting people even more than the scare of the deadly virus. In spite of the fact that people are free and they don’t have to follow their routine lives, they are highly agitated.
Though many of us miss our daily routine, but what we don’t seem to have realized is that there is a plus side too of being in this lockdown.
Yes, there comes the obvious question, how is lockdown beneficial for people? There are a lot of changes that we don’t seem to notice and appreciate. For example-

They have switched from junk food to healthy home-made food; earlier people did not have time to cook for themselves and ate outside food most of the time.

People are now getting enough sleep. The sleep schedule was unhealthy for most of the people earlier.

They have more time to work out; though there was a need to exercise and meditate but no time to actually do it.

They have time for themselves; since they don’t have to waste their time on the commute; people are following their hobbies and passion.

And most importantly they have time for their families.
Since a lot of things have changed in this period, fashion trends during lockdown have transformed too. Given below are 5 fashion trends during lockdown-

Pajama Chic

Without having to go to work, parties or movies all our favorite apparels are napping inside the closet while comfortable pajama, a cozy t-shirt and fancy slippers are out. People having good fashion sense are actually.

making something different with just stuff lying around the house. To be precise home culture is taking its place back. People have started to wear pajamas throughout the day and not even that; they are actually finding ways to make them attractive by pairing them with camisoles, crop tops and over-sized t- shirts. The apparel once used to be a nightwear is transforming into the new fashion trend of the lockdown. There is an online buying option available. You can buy from leading fashion store Such as Myntra, Ajio, Lifestyle And more at very reasonable price.
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Ever since the outbreak of corona virus has been announced, masks have become an integral part of everyone’s life. Governments have made it compulsory to wear masks in all public places. To distance themselves socially, people are wearing masks all day long. And on the other hand they have found new ways to add color to their wardrobes and lockdown lives by using designer and unique masks. They are using different color masks, matching with their outfit masks, designer masks and to top it all gold masks. People are finding new ways to make masks more than just the way of life. With the increased demand of masks, companies are also manufacturing masks that are unique in their own way. The demand of mast has undoubtedly increased but so is the need to look stylish in those. So, it is one of the most important fashion trends during lockdown.

Active/ Sports wear

Getting in regular exercise is very important for your physical health and mental well-being. But on the other hand choosing the right clothes to exercise is equally important as they can actually have a pretty big on your performance. Your workout clothes also protect you from the environment if you are planning to exercise outside in the summer. Lockdown has reduced our average step count by 50%, since no one is going out for shopping, work or anything else. Now exercise is the only thing that has been keeping people sane. So, active wear has also become a necessity in this period. With the right clothes, you can feel more comfortable and energetic so that you can donate more time to it. Exercising in this phase is not only important for your physical body but also to fight the virus. While it helps you to regulate your weight, it is also necessary to boost up your immunity. So, active wear is now another fashion trend that has been liked by people in this lockdown.

Pop Culture Trends

Today, people are following the same trend all around the globe. Throw a dart anywhere on the map; people will be sipping Dalgona coffees, spending most of their times in the kitchens trying to cook something new and searching for ways to entertain themselves. Dealing with COVID-19 is a collective experience at varying levels of the world, which has led to unique fashion trends.
In the wake of the deadly virus people have invented one more trend and that is the Pop Culture Trend. Basically the Pop Culture also known as the popular culture is the mainstream of current ideas, opinions, attitudes, social lifestyle trends and other phenomenon in some other culture. The quarantine pillow challenge is the best example for this trend. In this, people are taking part in social media challenge by transforming their large pillows into a mini dress tying it with the help of a belt. This has also increased the demand of designer belts. The challenge has given birth to one of the most unique fashion trends of alltime.

Premium Loungewear lockdown

Loungewear and sleepwear have gained acceptance as outerwear since the outbreak of the virus. The need for presentable and comfortable clothes for performing the daily chores like working from home, grocery, run, cooking and selfie appearances is at peak right now. Now people are looking for clothes that are comfortable and functional with a pinch of newness in them. So, the demand of tracksuits, comfortable baggy pants and lose t-shirts has gone up. People are finding new ways to transform their sleepwear into something more attractive so it can be both, comfortable and stylish. And therefore, sleepwear has become a fashion trend now.
Today we are living in a time that is unlike any other. The global corona virus pandemic has dramatically shifted the way we used to go out and it is going to change the future too. The newly introduced trends are focusing on comfort and essentials. The main point to be kept in mind is, if the customers are buying clothes from home, they are more likely to wear them there too. So, the current fashion trends are somewhat different from what it used to be earlier. Nevertheless, they have their own importance and grab people’s attention equally. The coming time will introduce some more such attires as people will start to find them a necessity rather than a compulsion.

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