Celebrity Home Invasion: In Pics! We Can't Get Over Sonam Kapoor's Delhi House, And The Lovely Vayu Baby!

By Simran Arora
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After she welcomed baby Vayu, Sonam Kapoor shared images of the gorgeous flower arrangements inside her Delhi home on Instagram. See the images below.


Sonam Kapoor shared a few images of the interior of her stunning Delhi home on Instagram, providing a peep inside. The actor's spouse Anand Ahuja and their kid Vayu were welcomed into their Delhi house on Monday.

Sonam uploaded a few photos of her home on Instagram, giving her followers a look inside. She also posted a sweet photo of her in-laws, Anand's brother Anant and mother Priya Ahuja, holding her son Vayu in his father Anand's arms. Sonam thanked the team of experts—florist Karan, The Laddoo Wala, and Indus Culinary—for helping to make Vayu's homecoming so lovely and memorable in the post.


She stated, "In the caption," "Welcoming our sweetheart Vayu to Delhi… @ase msb @anandahuja #harishahuja @priya27ahuja With the assistance of incredibly gifted @ 8.00am @theladdoowala @indusculinary #karanflowerboy PS: This is not an advertisement or a post in exchange for goods or services; rather, it is a thank you for a job well done and a gesture of gratitude to an amazing team of experts!"


Sonam revealed a glimpse of the dinner table in one of the photos, which was decorated with banana leaves, various types of flowers, and brown coconuts on the table. In a different image, there were some lotus flowers as well as bananas and green coconuts.

A other image revealed a massive chandelier that covered the whole dining room area, its glass canopy letting light into the room as a whole. Sonam also shared detailed images of the floral arrangement at her Delhi home on her Instagram Stories. The dining area was set up with lovely arrangements of flowers and fruits in the center, with the plates arranged to the side.

Sunita Kapoor, Sonam's mother, responded to the images with heart-emoji comments. Several admirers also remarked on how beautiful the overall layout and floral decorations were. Love the tall vases with foliage, one admirer said. When reading another remark, "Awesome ! Love how many mogra buds there are!" Very gorgeous, as stated by another admirer.

A few weeks ago, Sonam gave fans a peek inside her London home when she hosted a spectacular dinner party to mark her first Mother's Day in the country and shared photos of the occasion on Instagram. Sonam said as her caption: "Had Mother's Day in the UK, also known as Mother's Day, with my pals while ringing in the new year by spring-inspired decorating the house. Very accomplished desis are responsible for everything that has been completed in the home in such magnificent way! Salutations to @theeventbuilders, @grazing girls, and @ranipinkliving. Use the hashtags "#mamasday," "spring colours," "blooms," and "mothers day" (camera emoji) when you tweet."

After dating for a while, Sonam and Anand were hitched on May 8, 2018. On August 20, 2022, a baby boy named Vayu was born to them in Bombay. Sonam's next appearance will be in the forthcoming Shome Makhija film Blind, which also has Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak, and Lillete Dubey in key parts.

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