Adopt strays and be a good human

Why Dogs Be the Reason for Happiness? What to do if Want to have One. 

Dogs are considered the most friendly animals, who can love and help humans in so many ways. They also entertain us. In today’s world where people suffer from depression, dogs can be a remedy for them. One can find real happiness in having pets. But being around a dog is really bliss. They are cute, playful, and loyal creatures. Humans look for best friends, and in this way, dogs can be the best choice. Life becomes easier if you own a dog.

               But most of the time, it is seen that people adore breeding dogs like labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Dachshunds, etc. Do you think stray dogs are not good? Do their survival not a concern? Of course, it is. There are a lot of animal shelters where people take care of injured stray dogs. It is better to adopt than buy.

You can spare an animal from death, suffering, and dread by choosing to adopt one from a shelter. However, a majority of animals at shelters are loyal companions whose owners abandoned them, taking their comfort and pleasure with them.

Pleasures of Having a Dog as a Pet:

  1. Dogs are Good for Health: You may live longer when you have a dog. A thorough analysis of papers released between 1950 and 2019 revealed that dog owners had a decreased mortality risk. According to research, people who own dogs have balanced blood pressure and better reactions to stress. Those who had already undergone cardiac episodes had an even greater risk of lowering mortality, proving that even simply sharing a home with a dog can have an impact. According to research, the link between humans and dogs lowers stress, which is a major contributor to cardiovascular issues.
  1. Dog Gives Us a Company: Even when humans are unable to help, dogs can. They provide unwavering affection, emotional and psychological support, and nonstop cuddling that prevent social exclusion. 
  1. Dog Helps to Release Stress: Petting a dog for even ten minutes may have a big influence. You have a busy and tiring day. You are coming home in a very bad mood, and as soon as you see your dog you be different. All the worries are let out once you see your dog wagging his tail, looking at you to be petted.
  1. Dogs Make You Exercise: Dogs are like children. Petting them is a task but everyone loves it. They make you exercise both mentally and physically. Studies show that non-pet owners are less active than pet owners. Mentally you have to develop new skills, and tricks for pets. This is how they keep you fit.
  1. Dogs help you to Impress: If you own a dog, you already have a plus point on a new date. The presence of a dog may enhance a person’s likeability and attractiveness. In studies, participants were asked to judge people in images. The researchers discovered that people appeared happier and more at ease when they were accompanied by a dog.

              When a profile photo of their dog is present, both men and women are more likely to swipe right. Women who listed pets in their profiles profited more than males did.  65% of dog owners confess to photographing their dogs more frequently.

  1. If you are an Introvert Dogs can Help: Walking with a dog can make us more personable and can provide a topic for conversation. Consider the number of conversations you’ve had with others, whether they were your neighbors or acquaintances you met at the park. 40% of dog owners reported that making friends was easier for them. The best approach to getting to know people is through dogs.

Always remember, whenever you adopt a new puppy or dog vaccination is really important. It is for the safety of both the dog and the person who owns him. Also, scheduling appointments with doctors for at least a month is a sign of a good owner. Canine Parvovirus, Distemper, Canine hepatitis, and Rabies vaccination are really important. Also if the dog has symptoms like itching, or gets irritated often then also should be consulted with the doctor.


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