Jimin's Savage Comeback: BTS Star's Response to Fan's Marriage Proposal Goes Viral

Jimin’s Savage Comeback: BTS Star’s Response to Fan’s Marriage Proposal Goes Viral

Fancalls and fansign events have provided idols with the ideal opportunity to communicate with fans as they are rarely given the option to do so directly. The idols usually respond to fan requests and dialogues in the most flattering manner, but occasionally they may be embarrassing.

Jimin from BTS recently gained notoriety for his brutal answer to an ARMY’s marriage proposal.

Jimin has been addressing the “women” of his members during his most recent live broadcasts, even asking, “How many spouses do our members have?”

Now, when he is accepting marriage offers, it certainly appears like a different game. After winning a lottery, several fortunate ARMYs were able to speak with the idol on March 30 (KST).

One video stood out among the envious ARMYs witnessing the exchanges with Jimin and gained instant notoriety, garnering hundreds of millions of views from fans all around the world.

The Captain said during the video chat that she would perform an acrostic poetry using the word “MaMe,” and Jimin kicked things off by saying, “‘MaMe’ acrostic poem, MA!”

The ARMY decided to try her luck with the first sound and said, “MArry ME, Jimin oppa!” delivering the idol a marriage proposal while simultaneously performing both noises.

Nevertheless, instead of accepting the marriage proposal, Jimin said, “Yeah, thank you for your hard work,” which shocked the ARMYs.

The fan performed the same sentence with “MArry ME, Jimin oppa!” when requested to do it again. The call ended after a few seconds of stillness, to which Jimin answered in a funny manner, “See you next time.”

Although though the video’s description read, “Jimin never accepts it,” the Men appeared to have accepted their destiny.

While many people thought it was funny, others voiced concerns about proper fan call protocol. When the winners were revealed and the calls began, ARMYs hoped that people who had the good fortune to speak with Jimin did it politely and with an emphasis on his music rather than their “delulu” opinions.

Naturally, Jimin was having a good time with the ARMY, and the idol didn’t seem to mind. Several admirers, though, couldn’t help but reveal their reactions after seeing the film. Several people were incensed by how direct Jimin was being, while others said how ashamed they felt for OP being “rejected” in such a way.


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