‘House of the Dragon Season-2’ Still In Making; But Why Makers Are Already Planning For Season-3? Know Here:

The brand new House of the Dragon season-2 update enlighten us on upcoming season-3 and how HBO is planning well to make these series hit in the future.

Even though House of the Dragon season-2 has yet to begin the production, HBO is already in discussion about making the season-3. House of the Dragon is based on the book ‘Fire & Blood’ by – George R. R. Martin. The story tells about the Targaryen civil war known as the Dance of Dragons long before the events of Game of Thrones. The record-breaking success of the prequel premiere pushed HBO to produce a season-2 shortly after the series debuted.

House of the Dragon season-2 will contain total 8 episodes not alike season-1 did 10 episodes. The decision of making it a shorter season is for driving the story, which will allow the makers to create a long-term plan for the series, instead of working season by season. Part of this plan, already mapping out and potentially running a season-3, with an eye on an even further off season-4.

HBO and the creative team behind House of the Dragon are smartly working to craft a cohesive story that will have a proper end. It is another sign that there is long-term investment in this series. Past talks have indicated House of the Dragon would run for 3 or 4 seasons, but only having 8 episodes in season-2 reportedly makes a season-4 run more likely.  

By not limiting themselves to a set number of episodes, each season can have a more focused story. After a numerous time jumps in season-1, season-2 may get benefit from a more focused timeline over the span of fewer episodes. A major battle and other storylines have been initially intended for the later episodes in season-2 and are being moved into season-3.

After all the criticism, that rushed ending for Game of Thrones, HBO and the creative team behind House of the Dragon are clearly thinking long-term and planning out to create the best possible storyline to move forward. The violent Dance of Dragons already began to consume Westeros toward the end of season-1 and will further consume as House of the Dragon expands its scope and drama in season-2.           


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