Dasara Review: Nani & Keerthy Suresh Starrer Is Raw & A Distracted Tale

Nani comebacks on Big Screen with a totally massy film with a distracted storyline at all places. Dasara can be a fine watch except its long run and stretched important scenes in all the ways possible.

There are movies which gets slow or stretched and then there is Dasara which doesn’t end at all! 154 minutes film is just an exaggeration of a simple and straight forward story. Only the cast makes it watchable but that too becomes a torture ahead.

Dasara is story set in the backdrop of the Singareni coal mines near Godavarikhani of Telangana where the villagers of Villaparlly are only dependent on coal mining and the most important element of the film, Silk Bar- the only place which sales alcohol in the village and thus all the villagers are connected to it solely.

In the first half whole story revolves around the Silk Bar and who owns it as the alcoholic villagers decides whoever wins elections, he will own the bar as well. Till the viewer won’t get any idea why this film has called Dasara & not Silk Bar!

Talking about cast, Nani shines as Dharni but deserves more attention and heroic scenes in whole film and not just in last 10 minutes, he carries the story on his arms but seems like he is somewhere in the corner in half of the film. His character build-up confuses a lot as he is treated as second hero in many places but along with that, he is scared of thorns but on the other side he doesn’t hesitate to fight with anyone who comes in his way.

Keerthy Suresh performs really well as Vennela and delivers her best in emotional scenes as well as in the songs. When the main conflict of the story shifts from Silk Bar to Vennela, she carries it without letting anything fall. Dheekshith Shetty deserves extra point as stealing all the light from Nani is too difficult but he makes it very simple even when he is not there he remains in the frame forever.  The Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko has a pivotal part. He is excellent when given the scope, but that is only in a few places. It makes one feel that his talent is not fully explored.

Over all Dasara can be a fine watch except its long run and stretched important scenes in all the ways possible. Santhyan Sooryan’s cinematography is brilliant, capturing the rawness beautifully and in its full glory. The action choreography too is excellent, making the interval and climax stand out.

Rating: 3/5

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