From Netflix To Disney Hotstar Or Prime Video, OTT Platforms Cash On 'Binge-Watching' To Attract Numbers And Capital!

From Netflix To Disney Hotstar Or Prime Video, OTT Platforms Cash On ‘Binge-Watching’ To Attract Numbers And Capital!

There are three significant watching habits seen in the general audience who watch OTT: appointment viewing, serial viewing, and binge-watching. Among these binge watching and serial viewing have been hyped so much during 2015-2020, of course, the primary reason for it is COVID.

Highlights :

Binge Watching: To watch all episodes or some episodes of a particular show/series (more than 3) in one go.

Serial Viewing: It depends on your pace to watch an entire season or a no. of seasons of a show/series. Maybe in a day, week, or month.

Why is it a Trend? 

During Covid, all the watching styles get incrementation in their own sphere, but in the case of binge watch the age factor is important to note. The age group 16-35 is making binge-watch a trend. The following are the reasons for it;

–  The content available on different platforms covers a lot of adult content, so young children (16-19) binge-watch the show/series. As everyone knows, “curiosity kills the cat”, so out of that, they try to explore everything at once.

– People of age 21-26 are young adults; who watch content and also understand it. Possibly, entertainment is their first purpose but they also try to learn from the content and apply it in their life where necessary. So this age group watches continuously till they understand a particular situation and how that sums up.

– The age group till 35 is so busy in their working life, have different concerns like family, money, relationships, future goals, etc so sometimes they get a solution to how to deal with things in life, sometimes they try to escape from reality and binge watch. The genre for this age group can be anything of their choice. They are mature enough to get the best out of the content.

                 Besides this, now streaming OTT platforms are competing with each other very seriously. They try to use more consumer-friendly tactics that can grab their attention. In India, people like anything that is free. OTT platforms like Sony Liv, and Disney Hotstar, stream TV shows so that, housewives can also binge-watch content. Nothing is better than Anupama and Aparajita for them. They cover most of the audience lying under this age group.

               We see people engaged in watching OTT while traveling, during intervals, and standing in queues, which means they miss no chance to binge-watch any content. The binge-watch rate increases on weekends. People used to go out with friends, and family before but this is also changing. People are at home, binge-watching and enjoying their own company.

                In a sense, Binge watch can help people in solving their day-to-day problems, keep them cheerful, entertain, and educate them. Also in this world of social media, where the audience’s attention span is limited to 15-30 seconds, engaging content + binge-watching can increase that attention capacity. 

                Every coin has two sides. Too much of anything can lead to deterioration. Both the ‘+ and -’ of binge-watching is a lot contradictory to each other you enjoy your own space, while you get less social, attention span can be increased but this habit can make you depressed, consuming so much can tweak your real character, also you can find yourself, entertainment is at one side and on the other side health issues is a major problem. 

               Maintaining balance is very important. Mostly for young children; there should be an understanding of how much to be involved. For young adults, focusing on their definition of a settled lifestyle is important and for adults, they need to know that responsibilities surround them. Give space to Binge watch where it can help, not where it can disrupt.


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