<strong>ChatGPT: Makes you Look ‘0 or 100’. Here’s what you should Know.</strong>

ChatGPT: Makes you Look ‘0 or 100’. Here’s what you should Know.

By Nidhi Das
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Many cases are related to ChatGPT which trends in our day-to-day social media, newspapers, search engines, etc. Sometimes ChatGPT seems to be so dumb and sometimes it’s life-saving. 

ChatGPT working AI space.


ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that simulates human communication by using natural language processing. The language model is capable of answering queries and writing a variety of written materials, such as articles, social media postings, essays, code, and emails.


Smart or Dumb if you use ChatGPT?

There are examples, where we get to know if it is useful or not. In recent days, the news is there that ChatGPT failed to help in UPSC exams, it found a health issue in a dog that even the vet couldn’t find. Also, lawyers are using ChatGPT to solve cases. This is how one can find out whether it is good practice or not.


Basically, it can help if used smartly. The problem with it is that there is misinformation in the content it provides. If one can filter it out or can invest time to do a little research and then use ChatGPT, then there can be excellent results. This is how its use can be measured on a scale from 0 to 100.

Threats it Creates:

  • It is a threat to human jobs (content writing, digital marketing..), but yes, cannot replace humans completely. 
  • The content taken from it can be detected. For students or for academic purposes this is a threat to be caught and also can mislead with information.
  • It questions ethical principles.
  • While we use any information, we always want to confirm it. But in the case of ChatGPT, it does not reveal its sources of information.
  • For more human-like generating content emotions play a significant role but AI cannot conduct this in moral terms.
  • It does not match the level of human common sense.
  • Limited to what is stuffed in its algorithm.
  • Limited variety of datasets.

How is it useful:

  • It is an affordable option for established businesses and companies.
  • It is useful for answering customer queries.
  • It provides information in real-time. So no delay in important searches.
  • The AI tool understands language and thus, it is suitable for any language speaker.
  • It can give extraordinary solutions to what takes time manually.

          This is how the way it is being used decides whether it is worth it or not. ChatGPT, the cases related to it, is a ‘hot potato’ nowadays. Even print, broadcast, and digital media think that it is an important topic to be shared with the public. To determine how you look ‘0 or 100’, depends on the style of you using it.

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