Bhumi Pednekar is the face of sustainability in India!

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"What matters most is that we become conscious to protect our planet!" - this headline for wires for today & papers for tom 


India today, like all global countries, is facing the deep impact of climate change. Be it debilitating water shortages, destructive floods, irregular rains, earthquakes, the rise in the earth’s temperature and its consequent impact on rain cycles, or the irreversible impact of pollution, everything is contributing towards ecological imbalance. 

The threat to humanity is widespread and only becoming more serious each year. Actress Bhumi Pednekar has consistently and passionately advocated conservation and protection of the environment, and she has started a pan-India campaign called Climate Warrior, aimed at raising awareness about climate change and environmental conservation. 

Climate Warrior is a concerted social media and online initiative that Bhumi uses to focus on awareness building and engage the people of our country in becoming more conscious of climate change and environmentally friendly lifestyle choices. It also highlights the work done by tireless environmental activists and citizen groups across India to bring about sustainable changes to the environment.

Ever since her popularity began to grow, Bhumi has used her star power to regularly highlight issues related to environmental pollution and conservation, as she feels strongly about the future of our planet. Bhumi is now the face of sustainability in India and the most influential voice for climate change in our country.

Bhumi says, "What matters most is that we become conscious to protect our planet." We are already in a crisis, and the time to pay heed to this is now. There is a need for all of us to educate ourselves and be aware, conscious citizens who are looking to make a difference. "We need to preserve the planet for our future generations."

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