Shiv Thakare Addresses Mandali Breakup Amidst Abdu Rozik and MC Stan's Fallout

Shiv Thakare Addresses Mandali Breakup Amidst Abdu Rozik and MC Stan’s Fallout

While Bigg Boss 16 is finished, the buzz around it is still very much alive. Eyes were drawn to purported rupture between Mandali members, and rumours that their pact had been shattered spread. Afterwards, Abu Rozik broke the awkward quiet over his argument with MC Stan, which further alarmed the crowd. You may get all the information you need regarding the topic below as Shiv Thakare now speaks out about it.

As most people are aware, the initial Mandali members were Sajid Khan, Shiv, MC, and Abdu. Later, Sumbul Touqeer and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia joined the clan, as shown on Bigg Boss 16. They frequently interact in person while exchanging information on social media.

All of the Mandali members, with the exception of MC Stan, recently attended a party that Shiv Thakare held. The rapper has previously given performances in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai as part of his nationwide “Hasti Ka Basti” tour. He was unable to perform for his fans in Indore, however, when members of the Bajrang Dal seized control of the venue and attacked him for using foul language in songs.

Shiv Thakare broke his silence over the argument between MC Stan and Abdu Rozik by speaking to ETimes in the interim. “Ek word tha jiski poori image bann gayi hai,” he said. They talk about it because they care about us. I was shocked and concerned when I learned about these rumours of the conflict between Abdu and MC. What’s up, sir? Both were questioned about it, but nothing was said. It’s just a little confusion. When you meet, a lot of things take place. There is no backlash, and everyone in the group we’ve formed is conversing with one another. We tug on one another’s legs.

“I will make sure that the Mandali remains intact while I am still alive,” Shiv Thakare stated. Mandali tootegi nahi chhoti chhoti cheezein hongi toh. Nothing has taken place. This gathering is a response to it. MC would have been here if he hadn’t had a gig. In fact, MC will also attend another gathering we’re planning for a few days from now. About Abdu, I’m not sure because he could be travelling.

The conflict between MC Stan and Abdu Rozik is becoming worse by the hour. The rapper had already come under fire from Abdu for spreading false information about their collaboration song, and now the Tajik singer has posted a screenshot of the ‘abusive’ remarks made by MC Stan’s followers at him.

It’s interesting to note that MS Stan’s biggest supporter and mentor, rapper Emiway Bantai, was mentioned in the screenshot along with the song “Samaj mein aaya kya?”

The followers of MC Stan were not pleased with Abdu Rozik’s Instagram story and criticised the singer for needlessly initiating conflicts with the rapper. The supporters said that Abdu is only looking for attention.


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