BTS' V Takes the Fashion World by Storm: Shines on Magazine Cover and Breaks the Internet

BTS’ V Takes the Fashion World by Storm: Shines on Magazine Cover and Breaks the Internet

Fans have responded to images of BTS member V appearing on the cover of the Elle Korea magazine. V posted the images from the session on Instagram on Thursday. V wore a white T-shirt underneath a denim jacket and leggings in the first picture.

V, aka Kim Taehyung, chose a red jacket in the next image. The singer was wearing a dark-colored jacket in the final monochromatic image. Elle Korea posted the images on their Instagram page as well. V was covered in facial bruises in every photo. In response to it, a fan wrote: “Thanks for the wonderful photos—the covers are just perfect! as well as the iconic model Kim Taehyung.”

“His aura of a celebrity is unparalleled… I can see why everyone is so enamoured with him “another individual added. “Stunning Kim Taehyung! The most exquisite and celestial! A million to one! You are really loved, Taehyung! “read a remark. Another admirer commented, “Kim Taehyung, you are the pinnacle of greatness. This is how you conclude every models career.

“He’s scorching hot! I consider that to be sexy! “a person stated. Kim Taehyung, the “One and Only, Global IT Boy, Icon of an Age, Cultural Icon of the East,” was tagged on Instagram. “The most gorgeous man in the world that mimics no one, the original,” stated another individual.

Speaking about his music in an interview with Elle Korea, V stated, “It appears that my passion gives me the courage to continue working [on my music]. It’s quite challenging for me to create a song that I’m happy with. I keep trying, but there are times when I give up in the midst for various reasons.’

When asked when he felt his own maturity had increased the most, V responded, “I was able to develop a lot by reading ARMY’s (BTS’ official fan club) comments which contain their life stories. I get strength from daily messages about the type of job they are doing, when they are joyful right now, and what they are putting a lot of effort into.

V discussed his participation on Jinny’s Kitchen, a variety programme. He claimed that he decided to participate in the show because it would involve him working with “close pals” and because other friends had recommended it as being enjoyable. The actors Park Seo-joon and Choi Woo-shik are pals from the V’s Wooga squad.


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