Lee Soo Man's Niece and Girls' Generation Member Sunny Spark Fan Support Amidst SM Entertainment's Uncertainty

Lee Soo Man’s Niece and Girls’ Generation Member Sunny Spark Fan Support Amidst SM Entertainment’s Uncertainty

Sunny from Girls’ Generation, who is also the niece of SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man, has gained popularity after blogging about her opinions on the label’s present state.

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny has already explained without explaining, according to a post that went viral on March 15. Many private notes from the Girls’ Generation member to fans are uploaded by the post’s creator.

Sunny expresses to her followers her opinions on the predicament with SM Entertainment in her messages. Recently, SM Entertainment found itself in the middle of a conflict between Kakao and HYBE. Sunny seeks to reassure her followers in a nice and heartfelt statement that her relationship with them won’t alter regardless of what happens at SM Entertainment.

How have you two been doing? These days, everything is so busy because of all the news noise, huh? I am always learning new things from the news, thus I have nothing to impart to you at this time (about SM Entertainment). But I don’t believe it will have a significant impact on our relationship.
Funny, nothing lasts forever in this world. But if our hearts and our thoughts for one another are in harmony, we will be able to be together for a very long time, so don’t fret too much and don’t be rocked (by the news), and let’s continue getting along as we have up to this point! — Sunny

Sunny even makes light-hearted jokes about the whole thing in an effort to soothe followers. The star writes in a statement that while it would have been fantastic if she could have helped her fans profit from SM Entertainment’s stock, she didn’t actually own any of the company’s shares.

Do not worry yourself much. Simply say to yourself, “Whatever happens will happen,” put on your AirPods or Buds, use the noise cancelling feature, and proceed, LOL. I have no knowledge, thus I have nothing to tell you. Despite the fact that I don’t even own SM stocks, I want to assist you guys profit from our stocks. How can I assist you if I am ignorant about myself?
Haha, I’m delighted I at least managed to get you to chuckle like this! Just a little email to let you know that I’m trying my best to follow the law and societal norms so I can be the kind of daughter, friend, and—most importantly—”A singer I admired in the past” you can be proud of.
— Sunny

Several online commenters cited Sunny’s kind and considerate words as proof of why fans and members of the industry hold Girls’ Generation in such high regard.


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