Russo Brothers reveal their secret of building a global series franchise with Citadel

Russo Brothers reveal their secret of building a global series franchise with Citadel

It is no secret that Joe and Anthony Russo have created some of the world’s biggest cinematic wonders that have been lauded for fantastic cinematography, compelling storylines, and, of course, kickass action. As the much-anticipated series Citadel, starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra-Jones in the lead, has been creating waves with an astounding trailer, the visionary duo at AGBO were the obvious choice for Prime Video’s ambitious global endeavor.

Diving deep into the making of the global franchise, Joe Russo said, “We thought that this was such a novel idea for a narrative and an amazing way to create a really diverse global community of storytellers. To weave a massive mosaic of a story together. After our work on other films and spending so much time traveling the globe, this was an idea that I think was really exciting to Anthony and I and ignitable for us, which seemed like an incredible challenge.”

Furthermore, Anthony Russo said, “Joe and I had never heard a premise like this before. It’s a real credit to Jen Salke’s (Head of Amazon Studios) vision for what Amazon was capable of. She would bring us an idea, basically a model for a show that was so ambitious, wide-ranging, and global in nature. This is something that Joe and I have been working on for many years now. As storytellers, we really love the engagement of the global film community. It’s an incredible opportunity, and we went to work trying to find the right story that could sort of fulfill the ambition we had, and we were lucky to have amazing collaborators in order to find that.”

Along with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden, the 6-episode series also features Stanley Tucci and Lesley Manville in pivotal roles. Executive produced by the Russo Brothers’ AGBO and showrunner David Weil, Citadel will premiere exclusively on Prime Video starting April 28 with one episode rolling out weekly through May 26. The global series will be available in 240 countries and territories and will be available in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.


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