Netflix's latest series, Rana Naidu, has only been out for two days and it's already generating a lot of buzz amongst fans.

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The high-octane, intense family drama is the first time that actors Rana Daggubati and Venkatesh Daggubati have been seen on screen together, and their Chemistry is palpable.


Both Rana and Venkatesh have experimented with taking on roles that are completely different from anything they’ve done before. The show's unique storyline, combined with strong performances from the cast, has made it a hit with audiences and earned the show a spot as the #1 most watched show on Netflix India.

That's not all: fans have been lauding the series as well as the performances and have taken to social media to show their love!

Here are seven tweets from fans that highlight why Rana Naidu is a must-watch series:


1. It was great to see Victory (#VenkateshDaggubati) try something new. However, few People want to preach society, values, and the message of family in shows, movies, andeverywhere else. Hats off to #RanaDaggubati and the whole team of #RanaNaidu for thebrave choice

2. To those who are spreading negativity, BTW, thanks for bringing crazy, boldRana Naidu Bhayya, Rana Daggubati, Venky Mama, Krnx, Suparn
#SunderAaron #SurveenChawla @nowitsabhi @sushant_says


3. @Ranadaggubati I must definitely say this. I really loved your performance in#RanaNaidu. You are in your best ever outfits to date and also dominated your uncle.
@VenkyMama in many scenes. I am sure he must be very happy to see this tweet.

4. #RanaNaidu is an absolutely entertaining performance by our loved @VenkyMama Gaaru. its a new AVATAR Sir Great.. And our Rana Daggubati Anna did a fabulous job. Wow, we need more seasons of Rana Naidu.


5. I think you simply did justice to the character given. It is a show with mature content. You You have essayed a character that is surrounded by such acts, behaviors, and scandals, and youportrayed it, it did superbly, @Rana Daggubati! 👏👏 Looking forward to S


6. Rana Naidu 4/5 I'm stunned by watching #RanaNaidu. What a blast it was, theTop-notch performances by @RanaDaggubati and @VenkyMama are absolutely great.
"Though it was 18+ and you must see it alone or with your friend," Don't spread negativity, get upgraded". #RanaNaiduOnNetflix

7. #RanaNaidu No one can stop @RanaDaggubati. Killing performance, Anna Proudly, I can say that I am a Ra fan.

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