Famous Influencer, model, and rising b-town actress is all set to release her cover music video ‘Solo’ song by Jennie.

After gaining a lot of fame over social media platforms, Neha Shastri is all set to enter the b-town industry. To amaze her fans she is doing a cover music video as a lead actress. The song is written and sung by South Korean singer and rapper Jennie Kim. The music video will be released by the end of January 2023. Recently she came into fame by attending one of the most prestigious film award show, Filmfare Awards.

The song Solo is a breakup sad song with mixed elements of pop and EDM elements. The theme of the song explains the feeling of self-love, self-belief, and women empowerment. Covering the song with a music video Neha is playing the role of a lead actress and will dazzle her fans with it.

Expressing her core excitement she quotes, “I am equally nervous and excited about the launch of my cover music video. No doubt, I have given my best, and also I hope everyone will like it too. Through the song, I want to convey to every woman of the world to believe in self-love as it is the best cure for sadness and heartbreak.”

The music video is produced by KS film Creations and edited by Kamaljeet Singh. The complete video is choreographed by Sandesh Jhanvi mononymously known as sandy. Neha has already shared the album cover along with a small clip of the video on Instagram that has gained a lot of views. All the fans of Neha are excited about the release date and can witness the video on all the renowned platforms.

Neha has always been an influential personality and has recently been seen in many b-town award ceremonies with many famed celebrities such as Sunny leone, Sonu Sood, and many more. While discussing the secret mantra of her growing success she added, “I always followed my dream and passion; that’s what always encouraged me to stay strong and kept me going. My experience with the music video was very exhilarating; I learned a lot from the entire team. I would especially like to thank Sir Sandeesh Jhanvi for encouraging me and helping me to make this possible. Also, I would like to thank KS film creation for this amazing opportunity.”

Neha further adds,” No journey is easy. In the time when I was making my career there were many support system which helped me overcome my dear and face true world. One of such personality is Sandesh Jahnvi(Sandy), owner of Dance academy named Dance Central.” Soon, we all will be able to see her presence over the screen as a lead actress in her amazing cover video ‘Solo’.

All her fans are eagerly waiting to see her and are already showering complete support. She is surely the greatest encouragement for all those who believe in fashion and new trends. There will be a lot more that will add to the list this year.


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