Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway

Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Review: Rani Mukerji Steals The Show, Truly a Tearjerker!

Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway, a film with a heart wrenching story of an immigrant Indian mother who fights the Norwegian foster care system and legal authorities to win back custody of her children.

Ashima Chibber’s second feature film is truly a tear jerker as it’s the real life story of a mother (Sagarika Chakraborty) and her children who were separated by foster care system in Norway for around 2 years. It’s about the fight the mother does throughout those years to bring back her children. At some point the movie looks like the fight against foster system but eventually director stick to the main character only and wraps it up.

Movie starts with welfare officers snatching children of Debika Chatterjee (Rani Mukerji) and Anirudh Chatterjee (Anirban Bhattacharya) without their permission as they come to a conclusion that the parents are unfit to take care of children and raise them. The reason includes, the morning chaos, the generally unruly household, Debika using her hand instead of a spoon to feed the child, the kids sleeping in the same bed as the parents, the mother not keeping up with the child’s homework, an allegedly abusive husband who doesn’t help his wife in household chores.

All the reasons seem too easy to fight against as an Indian but still these reasons made an interesting case and Chatterjee family plunge into legal machinery & frustration. The stress and sudden changes in the routine of a normal housewife and specifically a breast feeding mother makes her unstable as she gets separated by both of her children with open eyes. Rani Mukerji plays phenomenal character of ‘spoiled yet ready to do anything for children’ mother, she lives the character and carry the film on her shoulders well.

The patriotic touch which comes with the real-life events put you in dual mind as it feels like an escort mission led between India & Norway. In the overall storyline it is visible that the director wants to focus on different areas of the story such as the need of foster system, a scandalous child welfare body in Norway, the difference between judicial systems and authorities in both the countries, cultural showcase in Bengali families and finally the story of a mother & a wife but for some reason director dose not take a dip dive into anything, just brush off dust and want us to read things.

Overall Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway looks strong and impactful which gives us a perspective and definitely makes emotional throughout the run. Anirban Bhattacharya plays a strong role of husband of Debika, he doesn’t get overshadow against Rani Mukerji at all while Jim Sarbh holds his charm fantastically.

Ratings- 3.5/5

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