Netizens Divided Over "Crash Course in Romance" Finale, Sparking Controversy and Mixed Reactions

Netizens Divided Over “Crash Course in Romance” Finale, Sparking Controversy and Mixed Reactions

The popularity of K-Dramas is not unusual, but Crash Course In Romance, a recent program on tvN, captured the attention of internet users everywhere.

The whole ensemble, with the exception of a few of the villains, attracted attention throughout the episodes by depicting heartwarming and beautiful tales that many people could identify with.

It wasn’t unexpected, of course, that the show’s popularity transcended borders. Several people praised the return to romance in the finale, which clearly won the hearts of viewers after some “questionable” plots and themes.

Yet, not everyone was pleased with the conclusion. The “Love Line” between Nam Haeng Son’s closest friend Kim Yeong Joo and her brother Nam Jae Woo (Oh Eui Sik) was a topic of continuing discussion in Korea (Lee Bong Ryun).

The coupling was disclosed to Nam Haeng Son after the two formally became a couple…

Kim Yeong Joo’s pregnancy, which occurred before the couple’s marriage, was disclosed in the finale’s last moments.

Many people in Korea still hold fairly conventional attitudes towards marriage and pregnancy, with the general consensus being that two people must be legally married before having a child. Hence, it wasn’t too unexpected that Korean internet users responded to the situation in a variety of ways.

Do all the characters in the drama have to be in relationships for them to be happy?
“What’s this?”
What is this, huh?
What was it I just watched?
Is this something?
What is that? This is so far-fetched.
“What the hell is this?”

Several overseas fans expressed their rage about the lack of plot progression in the final episodes, while Korean netizens continued to criticise the result of the love line.

Internet users were astonished when Nam Hae Yi’s true mother returned after ten years in Japan while she was in the hospital. The mother returned after a protracted absence, tried to act normally, and infuriated admirers with her persona.

Although many believed Hae Yi was doing it to expose her mother’s real colours, this hypothesis was refuted by her behaviour. Many assumed Hae Yi was planning to depart to prevent Nam Haeng Son from being used by her elder sister since she appeared to be genuinely heartbroken when her mother left.

Fans expressed their rage that the tale wasn’t adequately concluded or explained when the mother departed, despite the fact that both hypotheses would’ve been fantastic.

The last scenes of the series, in which Hae Yi seemed to solidify her love for Nam Haeng Son as her “mom,” touched the hearts of internet users.

However, many were disappointed by the lack of plot advancement and the numerous squandered opportunities they had to truly make something unique and touching out of the narrative between Hae Yi, Nam Haeng Son, and the mother.

Although it’s common for people to disagree with a show’s conclusion, it appears that Crash Course in Romance’s final few episodes left viewers torn. However, even though the voyage might not have been ideal, most fans could agree that the final few scenes were.


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