Choo Sung Hoon Gushes Over BTS' Jungkook's Adorable Personality During Dinner Date

Choo Sung Hoon Gushes Over BTS’ Jungkook’s Adorable Personality During Dinner Date

Jungkook of BTS has only ever left people with good impressions! Everyone, from journalists to other celebrities, has always praised the boy group’s maknae. Choo Sung Hoon, a contender in the 100, had a lot to say about Even Physical. Look at this!

Jungkook, ARMY, was seen on Instagram! No, he hasn’t, sadly, logged back onto the photo-sharing app. Choo Sung Hoon, a martial artist and star of Physical: 100, recently shared a photo with the BTS maknae.

Physical: Choo Sung Hoon from 100 and BTS’ Jungkook

The Physical: 100 actor posted a photo of himself and Jungkook on Instagram after their dinner date. Choo Sung Hoon stated, “Thank you JUNGKOOK the other night, I had the nicest dinner time with you. I had the finest time singing praises for the Euphoria vocalist. He is really kind, cool, and cool. I always adored him, but since having dinner, I love him much more!”

We ate much too much, but… lol,” said Sung Hoon, before joking that they should get together again soon. The BTS member is known for having a huge appetite. I agreed to train again.”

Fans commended Sung Hoon for uploading the photo on Instagram after Jungkook deleted his account just a few days prior. “Please share more pictures if you meet Jungkook in the future. Thank you for sharing his pics with us.” We genuinely miss him because he cancelled his Instagram account, one ARMY remarked. One more said, “Mr coach. This adorable student erased the Instagram. We’re hoping you’ll comprehend and submit additional images of him. A third person added, I appreciate you sharing this picture and your lovely thoughts about Jungkook.

Sung Hoon and Jungkook had already met for a sparring session in June of the previous year.

Professional career of Jungkook

The BTS singer made history when she sang at the coveted 2022 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony back in November of last year. Everything about his “Dreamers” performance, from his eye-catching attire to his hot body rolls, became the talk of the town. Jungkook’s debut solo album is anticipated to be released after his song Dreamers.


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