Follow These Tips To Skin And Hair Care To Save Yourself From Toxic Holi Colors!

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One of the happiest celebrations in India is Holi, the festival of colors. This colorful event, which is observed by donning colored clothing, might harm your skin and hair. Exposure to hazardous colors can cause issues with the skin and hair. Along with enjoying yourself at the Holi party, remember to take good care of your skin both before and after the event. Thus, before you participate in all the Holi 2023 celebrations, here are a few things to remember.


In order to prepare for Holi, take the following precautions:

Holi skincare before:

  • Massage oil into your face and any exposed skin. You may use coconut oil or almond oil, which can aid in preventing colour damage to your skin.
  • Apply sunscreen liberally to your face and any other exposed skin; this will serve as a barrier and guard against sunburn.
  • Apply two layers of base coat or any other type of nail paint to protect your nails. The polish won't change the colour of your nails and will aid to function as a barrier.
  • Put on a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. Because the skin surrounding your eyes is the thinnest, you must protect it from the colors.

Pre-Holi hair care:

  • Apply oil to your hair the same way you would your face. The night before, do a head massage to assist you develop a barrier against the colors.
  • Avoid wearing your hair out when celebrating Holi. You can choose to put your hair up in a braided ponytail or cover it with a bandana.
  • Apply some lemon juice to your scalp if it is sensitive. The citrus fruit will assist in defending your scalp against any illness brought on by the poisonous dyes.

How to get Holi colors out of your hair and skin:

After-Holi skincare:

  • It is advisable to remove colours while they are still wet because doing so once they are dried is challenging. So take a shower as soon as you get home.
  • You may remove the colours off your face by washing it with lukewarm water. You may combine some sea salt, glycerin, and aromatherapy oil. Your skin will be shielded from the harmful colours by this antibacterial composition.
  • Avoid overly rubbing your skin when removing colour since doing so might harm your skin. Instead, carefully remove the pigments by using an oil.
  • Be careful to moisturize your face after removing the makeup to keep it from drying out.

After-Holi hair care

  • The first thing you can do after playing Holi is wipe the colours off with merely water. In this manner, the majority of the colour will fade.
  • After rinsing your hair, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a thorough cleaning.
  • Use an excellent hair mask to restore the moisture to your hair. Four tablespoons of honey, two teaspoons of olive oil, and a few drops of lemon juice should be combined. After 20 to 30 minutes, rinse this mask from your hair with a gentle wash.
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