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BTS’s V Goes Viral as New Brand Ambassador, Carving His Own Path in Korean Entertainment Industry

The business chooses its ambassadors very well.

Recently, a major firm unveiled BTS‘s V as its newest brand ambassador.

One of the largest financial counseling businesses in Indonesia, SimInvest, published a series of postings on February 28 (KST) welcoming its new ambassador. No names were revealed, but ARMYs could see V’s outline right away.

Fortunately, the ARMYs didn’t have to wait long because the formal announcement of V‘s brand ambassadorship took place on March 1.

They made a big issue out of introducing V as the newest ambassador during a live broadcast, and even though he wasn’t present, the ARMY could be heard cheering.

The first V-related online material was published simultaneously with the revelation. Yet, the advertisement was what spread like wildfire over the globe.

V displayed his trademark charm and aesthetics throughout the advertisement, which is why it caused the internet to go crazy.

Even said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that SimInvest chose the idol as they appear to have a reputation for choosing renowned Korean artists, despite the fact that V’s ad is actually legendary.

The company’s ambassador prior to V’s appointment was none other than renowned actor Hyun Bin.

Hyun Bin was initially named the company’s brand ambassador with the theme “I am an Investor” back in 2021.

While Hyun Bin’s corporate launch was similarly famous to V’s clean, elegant, and sophisticated advertisement, Hyun Bin. Hyun Bin’s ad, which featured cameo appearances from others, was slick, cutting-edge, and ideal for the actor.

From then, Hyun Bin continued to produce material for the business, transitioning from a successful CEO to exuding lover vibes, much like V will in the future.

Netizens couldn’t get over the legendary standards the organisation had after discovering whose shoes V would be filling. It appears that SimInvest has a type and is aware of how much star power may affect the business, from one of the top actors to one of the top idols.

V and Hyun Bin were both excellent selections for SimInvest’s ambassadors, as seen by the fact that both attracted notice for their iconic ads.


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