Jin as Tiger Trainer

BTS’ Jin Promoted to ‘Private First Class’ in Military, Earns New Title as ‘Tiger Trainer’ According to ARMY

BTS‘s Jin previously gave a hint that he is now “private” while speaking with the rapper Jhope. Once the artist received a promotion on March 1st, fans flooded Twitter with happy tweets.

BTS Jin joined the military last year, and on December 13, he reported for duty. During that time, the singer’s followers have been anticipating his homecoming and monitoring any new information concerning his health. Kim Seokjin, the eldest member of the most famous group BTS, has made an effort to interact with ARMY as often as possible. He frequently leaves comments on other BTS members’ postings and has also uploaded images of himself following the end of his military training. Fans now have an additional reason to rejoice as the musician has been raised to the rank of “Private First Class” in the military.

BTS Jin previously mentioned that he is a “Private” now when speaking with Jhope. Once the artist received a promotion on March 1st, fans flooded Twitter with happy tweets. a supporter messaged, “Today, Seokjin received his first promotion, moving up to Private First Class. Best wishes, Seokjin. I adore you.” One more tweeted, “Currently, our moon is a Private First Class. I am so very proud of him because of this. I remember grieving over his departure only yesterday, yet he never lets me down. Tiger Trainer Jin, OF WHOM I AM SO PROUD”

Another supporter wrote, “Best wishes, Private First Class Seokjin. I’m really happy for you. We are extremely proud of your tenacity and fortitude.” See the responses here.

Big Hit Media recently revealed that BTS rapper Jhope has withdrawn his request to delay enlisting in the military. The vocalist of “Jack In The Box” will shortly sign up for the same. BTS Jin’s response to the news was to officially welcome Jhope to the military. Don’t even consider establishing eye contact with me because I’m private first class and you’re private, he said.

He also made fun of Jhope by adding, “According to them, the salute should be raised 30 degrees from the ground while maintaining a line with your wrist and upper arm. Keep your forearm at a 30 to 45 degree angle as well.” You’re a tiger assistant trainer, Jhope retorted.

Before to his enlistment, Kim Seokjin recorded a video that quickly became popular. By the time this video is released, I won’t be a civilian any more, but I’m in front of the camera because I wanted to leave you something, even if it’s only a message, he was heard saying. He also said that he was filming the Korean variety show “Running Man” at the time the footage was taken. He said that he wants to capture more recordings of his admirers before he departs.

“Because I have a camera with me today, I am here. I’m now filming ‘Running Man,’ but if I get a moment, I’d like to drop by and share as many films and records as I can with you, even if it’s just to check in,” he added.

“I might not be by your side right now, but if you just wait a little while, I’ll come seeking for you. I’ll return shortly. All OK, bye for now. I’ll return with another video when I get the chance the following time. I’ll see you then. Added he.

Jin was undergoing training at the recruit training facility for the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Then, he departed for the Frontline service. The military duty of the other members, including RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, will be carried out in accordance with their respective plans.


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