Discover the Unique Countries in the World Without Airports: A Fascinating Look at Transportation in Remote Places

True, there are nations in the world without airports even today. The countries have successfully demonstrated that possessing an airport isn’t always required and that they may cooperate with one another to share resources. Many people, though, are left with no option because an airport doesn’t truly fit within their borders. Here, we examine the only nations without airports on the entire planet.

Vatican City

It is the smallest nation in the world, with only about 800 people living there. There isn’t much room for an airplane to land, and there isn’t a river or body of water nearby for a different mode of transportation. It’s also one of the few that can only be traveled through on foot. There are additional airports nearby, like Ciampino and Fiumicino, which can be reached by rail in about 30 minutes, so don’t worry.

Did you know that the only other country within a city is Vatican City? Absolutely, the nation is situated within Rome’s municipal limits.


Monaco, which is bordered by France on three sides and is the second-smallest country in the world after Vatican City, lacks an airport of its own. Anyone arriving at France’s Nice Côte d’Azur Airport will need to arrange a taxi or take a boat if they want to see Monaco.

San Marino

San Marino is one of the oldest countries in the world and is located not far from the Vatican City. San Marino has no sea access and is totally encircled by Italy. It has no airport since it is so tiny. Fortunately, San Marino is entirely flat and has a well-developed road system that provides access to Italy in all directions and brings people out of San Marino.
Italy’s Rimini airport is one of the nearest. While being tiny, it is near a number of larger airports, including those in Florence, Bologna, Venice, and Pisa, which are often used by both citizens and visitors to the nation.


This location also has more hills but is not quite as steep. Moreover, Liechtenstein is a tiny country with a circumference of just 75 kilometers. Even if Liechtenstein had decided to build an airport, it would have most certainly partially fallen over the Rhine to the east and the Austrian highlands to the west due to space restrictions. Liechtenstein has no airports, thus residents must travel by bus or automobile to the 120-kilometer-distance Zürich Airport in order to avoid engaging in a potential diplomatic spat with neighboring nations.


The Principality of Andorra has a bigger land area than other nations, although not being as small as some of them, and as a result, it has a number of airports. The mountains, though, are the issue in this area. This co-principality is totally encircled by the Pyrenees and is tucked between France and Spain. There are peaks that are almost three thousand meters high, and flying an airplane at such heights may be hazardous and challenging. The country of Andorra chose against building an airport for this reason, however flights to nearby towns like Girona, Lérida, or Barcelona may be taken.


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