Vijay Deverakonda's Deverasanta trip for fans this year to Manali was all things fun and frolic!

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Every year, Vijay Deverakonda turns Santa and surprises his fans with the hope of spreading happiness, leaving them with memories for a lifetime and strengthening the bond as a community. Given that his ardent fans have supported him right from the start of his career, the actor via this platform wanted to provide opportunities and experiences to his fans that he never had.


This year under his ‘Devera Santa’ initiative he announced that 100 lucky fans would receive an all-expense paid trip to Manali and recently took to social media to share glimpses of this trip which was an emotional look at how meaningful this gesture turned out to be.

Going by the video the fans sure seemed to have the time of their lives and bonded together as a single unit despite hailing from different parts of the country, something that Vijay Deverakonda felt strongly about.

Before flying the fans off to their dream vacation, the actor connected with them over a video call narrating how he wanted to provide fans the opportunities and give them experiences he never had. The fans were flown to Manali, put up in luxury villas with every aspect of their hospitality looked into, including some adventure sports which Deverakonda arranged for them. To add to the excitement, the actor even flew down to Manali to surprise these lucky fans, making it an emotional end to a fun and love-filled week.


Taking to his social media Vijay Deverakonda said, “A 100 of you went, made friends, memories and experiences which will stay ❤

When I see your happy smiling emotional faces, i know why i do this! Stay happy, ambitious and believe in yourself, I love you all.🤗

Hugs to @stayvista_official for being an amazing host to my Rowdies and @airdriven_aviation for helping me surprise them.


Until next time
Your man,
Vijay Deverakonda.



Thanking StayVista that hosted Deverakonda’s fans in Manali, the actor said, “A special thanks to StayVista for hosting 100 of my fans and me, at their spectacular villas ensuring every aspect of our stay was memorable. The service, food and experiences offered by the excellent StayVista team was flawless and thoughtful.”

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