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Ushna Shah Hits Back at Criticism Over Indian-Inspired Bridal Look: ‘Clothes Have No Borders’

Ushna Shah, a Pakistani actress, informed those inspecting her wedding attire that they had not paid for her red wedding lehenga. Those who “had an issue with her outfit” were not invited to her wedding, she continued.

Ushna Shah, a Pakistani actress, recently wed Hamza Amin, a golfer. Social media users are sharing a lot of the newlyweds’ images and videos, which include Ushna wearing a crimson lehenga made by Pakistani fashion label Warda Saleem as her wedding attire. Ushna, her husband Hamza Amin, and other guests can be seen dancing their hearts out in one of the wedding films. Several social media users criticised the actor for wearing a red lehenga to the wedding, while some others took issue with the Pakistani actor dancing throughout the celebrations.

Ushna used Instagram Stories on Sunday to chastise the people who were scrutinising her wedding attire. The star posted a picture of herself in her red bridal lehenga, showing off her mehendi, and captioned it, ” “To those who object to my attire, Mrs. Amin (using her husband’s name as a reference) says: You weren’t invited, and you didn’t pay for my choice of red. My jewellery and my jora, or bridal attire, are all Pakistani. Yet my heart is half-Austrian (hinting at her husband). May God continue to grant us happiness, Allah humein khush rakhey.” My welcomes to the uninvited photographers who attended our wedding, she said, “Beigaani shaadi mein jo inunived photographers ghuss gaye, unko salaam.”

Ushna Shah, a Pakistani actress, educated those who objected to her wedding attire.

A Twitter user shared a video of the star and her husband dancing at their wedding and remarked, “The cultures and religions of Pakistanis are unique. Quit attempting to introduce Indian culture to Pakistan. We are Muslims, and we are not permitted to wear this sort of clothing. Put an end to the negativity.” One more person wrote, “Why are Pakistani brides now adopting such Indian looks? This is not how we are here!” Another user stated, “By promoting Indian culture under the guise of Pakistani culture, they are misleading people. That undermines our own culture, traditional values, and religious beliefs, thus we shouldn’t accept it.”

A Pakistan-based media account on Instagram published Ushna’s since-deleted Instagram Stories remark, and another user responded to it. Writing about Ushna “She reads Instagram comments on the day of her wedding and, on top of that, she also responds to them. I salute you as well!” Another person supported Ushna and said in response to the post, “May Allah keep them both happy and trolls unhappy.” Another person defended the actor and stated, “Because this is her major occasion, why can’t we be positive and share love instead of negativity? Also, nobody has any right to make foolish comments. People, stop being so critical all the time.”

Ushna had shared a photo of herself and golfer Hamza Amin on Instagram in December of last year to announce their engagement.


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