Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra Clash on Twitter Over KL Rahul's Performance

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In the midst of debates over KL Rahul's last Test performance, former India spinner Harbhajan Singh encouraged supporters to support him and urged other former cricketers to take Rahul's present predicament into account before casting judgment. Recent conversations between Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra focused heavily on Rahul's poor performance against Australia and the prospect that the talented Shubman Gill would take his place in the national team. Rahul has Rahbhajan's full backing and is expected to "come good" for the Indian cricket team very soon, according to experts and fans alike.


"The athlete's family and self are the first to feel guilty if a player performs poorly. All of us adore those cricket players. Your wrath is obvious if you love those cricketers. Nevertheless, don't go beyond to the point where the player's psyche is harmed, he said in a video posted to his YouTube account.

"What would you have done if you were in KL Rahul's shoes? Do you believe that he is not attempting to score runs? He has been a great performer for India, and Harbhajan predicted that he will get better.


Rahul has only reached one half century and an average of 17.12 runs in 2022. He failed to score significantly in the first Test match of the current Test series against Australia, and in the second game, which took place in Delhi, he could only muster scores of 17 and 1.

"We all express our thoughts on social media, which is OK because they are our own, but please refrain from attacking him. He is striving to perform well, yet he is also human. I kindly ask those of you who have played to try and view this from that angle.

"The cricketer would move aside for the other cricketer if he is not performing. Please give KL Rahul some playing time; he is one of our own. We must appreciate our players; else, how will it work?

In the video, he offered the following advice: "My proposal is- during these moments instead of criticizing them let us encourage them which would be beneficial for him and us too as his followers.

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