Andrew Tate's Detention in Romania Extended by 30 Days, Legal Battle Continues

By Simran Arora


The controversial influencer Andrew Tate, who is under investigation with his brother for his involvement in rape and human trafficking, had his custody extended by a Romanian court on Tuesday.

In late December, Tate, 36, and his brother Tristan, 34, were both taken into custody. Next Monday, their current detention order is set to expire.


According to Ramona Bolla, a spokesperson for Romania's anti-organized crime and terrorist directorate (DIICOT), the court ordered their continued detention for 30 days.

The Tate brothers, who have refuted every accusation, are expected to challenge the decision.
Tate, a British-American former kickboxer, is being looked into for allegedly "creating an organized criminal ring, people trafficking, and rape" along with his younger brother and two Romanian women.

They are accused of forcing women to do "forced labour… and pornographic actions" in exchange for "considerable cash incentives."


Romanian police searched many houses related to the Tate brothers throughout the investigation and seized several of their belongings, including a fleet of high-end vehicles.

Tate had an appearance on "Big Brother" in 2016 "reality television programme in Britain, but it was taken down after a video showing him assaulting a lady surfaced.

He later used social media channels to spread his polarising ideas before being removed for making hateful and sexist statements.

Once South African entrepreneur Elon Musk acquired the business, Tate was permitted to return to Twitter, using the name "Cobratate." "had more than five million followers at the moment.