Now Facebook and Instagram will get you paid blue tick too!!!

After Elon musk announced its blue tick game with twitter. Meta has also announced that it will give away the glorious blue ticks for free for people to grow their audience and have a better reach. This will be a part of the Meta Verified subscription plan announced by Mark Zuckerberg via the Meta Broadcast Channel. Mark Zuckerberg announced the plan last week.

Now, Facebook and Instagram can get you a verified badge clubbed with a few more exclusive features by paying a monthly fee, as a user. This was rumored recently that functions like the recently revamped Twitter Blue subscription model, will include the blue tick, after Elon Musk took over Twitter. This is priced at ₹650 per month on the web and ₹900 on Android and iOS.

Meta’s model, along with providing the blue checkmark, aims to protect people from fake accounts, which can be a high possibility, especially for accounts with a good online presence. This is another focus of Meta Verified and with this, Meta says it wants to evolve “the meaning of the verified badge so we can expand access to verification and more people can trust the accounts they interact with are authentic.

There will be easy access to the Help Center and subscribers can take help from an actual person and exclusive stickers for Facebook and Instagram Stories as well as Reels, along with 100 free stars a month. As per social media consultant Matt Navarra, Meta Verified users will show up in comments and recommendations on a priority basis.

To take the advantage, users need to be 18 and above and have to submit a government ID. The name and photo on the ID need to match the ones on Facebook and Instagram.

NOTE: This is currently a test and is being rolled out in Australia and New Zealand at $11.99 (~ ₹ 990) a month if taken from the web and $14.99 (~ ₹ 1,200) per month if purchased via Android and iOS. The extra fee is probably to cope with the app store fee Apple and Google charge for in-app purchases.

Well, Meta Verified will reach more countries soon but it remains to be seen when it arrives in India. The idea of putting everything, including the once-deemed prestigious blue tick behind a paywall appears to be the new trend

While it may be liked by those who can’t get access to such features organically, the other lot would naturally show dismay. What about you? Are you in the line too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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