The Miracle Baby: The Youngest Survivor of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake

By Simran Arora
New Update

One of the deadliest calamities to have rocked the area recently was the earthquake that occurred in November 2020 along the border between Turkey and Syria. Over 80 individuals lost their lives and tens of thousands were injured as a result of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake. Despite the tragedy and destruction, there was a ray of hope in the shape of the youngest earthquake survivor, a newborn child.


The unidentified baby was born in the midst of the earthquake and surprisingly survived in spite of the mayhem. Rescuers who had arrived in the village of Simeonlus, close to the earthquake's epicentre, discovered the newborn. The infant was not in immediate danger, but the rescuers saw that it was still extremely weak and needed medical care.

The infant was taken to the closest hospital, where staff members worked nonstop to keep the patient secure. The infant received other required medical care, including oxygen and antibiotic treatments.

The baby's survival gave the earthquake survivors hope and joy, encouraging them to carry on and advance. Following the tragedy, a lot of people—including the baby's family—have expressed their thanks and respect for the hospital staff members who played a crucial role in saving the infant's life.


Since being discharged from the hospital, the infant is currently in the family's custody. The newborn, who has been called the "Miracle Baby," continues to provide happiness and hope to the locals, who are now more motivated than ever to start over and rebuild their lives as the healing process gets under way.

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