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The Reynolds Family Grows: Blake Lively Announces Arrival of Fourth Child

Officially, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ family now numbers six!

Although the Gossip Girl actress, 35, and the Spirited actor, 46, have not yet published photos of their child, Lively uploaded a photograph on Super Bowl Sunday that showed she was no longer pregnant.

She tagged Reynolds’ mother, Tammy, in the Instagram image and said, “Puppy Bowl Sunday 2023 been busy.”

They included pictures of their Super Bowl meals in the post as well.

Many of Lively’s fans commented on the photo to call attention to the lack of a baby belly.

“Awesome post for every one of them!” Rob Liefeld, who created Deadpool, wrote

Another follower commented, “Throwing the internet in a friendzy.”

The couple’s other children are James, 8, Betty, 3, and Inez.

According to Ryan Reynolds, he hasn’t done any planning for the arrival of his fourth child.
In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Deadpool star talked about the couple’s then-unborn child and revealed how the couple’s three children felt about the upcoming arrival.

“They’re there. They enjoy it, “About his ladies, he stated. They are prepared.

Regarding his own emotions, the celebrity remarked, “I’m quite delighted. “We would have to. You know, if you didn’t enjoy it, you’d have to be a complete stupid to do it four times. We’re quite excited, but it’s going to be crazy.”

Last month, Lively revealed behind-the-scenes tales about her husband’s commitment to his craft—and his boundless love for his family—before Reynolds collected the coveted American Cinematheque Award in Los Angeles.

The actress remarked of the actor, “He has contributed so much to the world’s greatest universal happiness through his art, his heart, his generosity, his humour, his honesty, his unrivalled work ethic, his self-deprecating lightness, and his hard-earned depths in his screenplays.

Additionally, according to Lively, the Free Guy actor has outdone the expectations of family life.

She said, “And now I am his home, and our girls are his home.” “He rushes home, whether it’s from across the world or a conference across the street, much like the 19-year-old lad [who used to commute home to Canada]. We would be really worried if he didn’t wear his clothes when he returned from the set.”

Lively went on to say “Regardless of whether he arrived wearing clown makeup, artificial scars, superhero uniforms, shoes, or fake blood, Daddy always makes it home. And that man returns to his actual life in a way I have never seen before. especially not by someone who is able to give his professional life his all.”
“He has the ability to simultaneously be everything to everyone. He is the one who is always in the moment “She spoke. And while he does produce magic in his art, “man, oh man, does he produce magic in his actual life.”
Lively made her fourth pregnancy initially known in September when she made a red carpet appearance at the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit.

The revelation surprised her pals as well, a source said at the time. Even her pals were taken aback by the news of her new pregnancy, the person claimed. She was quite discreet.


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