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Breaking The Myths And Stereotypes, PR Professional ‘MEHEK SINGHI’ Is THE Creative Genius!

It is said that thinking about, for and around the celebrities of the film and entertainmemt industry from any side of the globe is a complete waste of time. The fact that one gives up all their time to make sure the creativity and talent of someone else gets the proper limelight is a tall task that none can survive if not completely selfless, thats told to be the work of a Public Relation or Marketing Personal!

Well, unravelling the same as some parts true and some parts changed is, Mehek Singhi, a man whose rationale thinking, out of the box ideas and creative outlook has won the tall task of being successful in the field of PR and Marketing Media!

While exclusively speaking to us about the hows, the whens and the whys, read out this fun conversation with the man of art, Mehek Singhi, himself!

What made you interested in a field like PR and Marketing Media, as it is stressful, uncertain and just as much a selfless profession!

To be honest, I think I was always the kind of a person who looked at this profession from the outside and thought may be this is what I want, I didn’t know it was stressful, uncertain etc at all. I just thought it was so fancy. Having a business background, I didn’t really have an understanding of PR, Marketing, Events etc. I just went with the flow and now I can say I am super passionate about what I do and I love it. Yes it is stressful and uncertain but thats the challenge to me as a human being HOW MUCH MORE I CAN DO?

What were the most highlighted points of your life in this journey, any one turning point that made you the strongest that you are today?

The most highlighted points would be; when I first got a front page for a client in my early days I think that was an achievement to, getting a Kabaddi player on a Magazine Cover, I thought I had acheived everything but the challenges kept coming and the more challenges came my way I became much stronger with each of them. It’s all about finding solution, its as similar to as life, itself – everyday is a new challenge and you find a solution and move on.

Speaking about the cons, thats everywhere but the most important thing is how to convert the con into a pro. For me working is passion, its life, working makes me feel alive so I don’t really remember a con but I can say that its become a pro.

In the world of PR and Marketing Media, do you think men have it much easier than women?

I would say it was always other way around. I have worked in teams where it was primarily all women and me but, I don’t think its the case anymore.. It is more about the skills, qualities and most importantly what you bring on the table.

You have worked with countless stars and projects, any in particular that has struck you as the most memorable?

My most memorable project was The Kabaddi League, I worked on it for 2 years; the amount of travel to multiple cities, working and the partying simultaneously was a wonderful journey in itself. The reason why it is most memorable is because we got a Kabaddi player on a reputed magazine cover and trust me that day was the best feeling ever. I will never forget that taste of success!

How do you think the world of PR has changed with the coming of social media, that brings fans and stars impossibly closer?

The world of PR has changed a lot more than what I was doing before and it’s intriguing. I think PR has also learnt the importance of social media and we are also evolving each day with everyone. Social media has become an important tool for PR as well, we narrate a lot of our stories through social media and it reaches much faster to consumers too. So I think its a win-win for everyone.

You have a vast experience in this field, how far along has it changed since you have started, anything in particular?

I have been in the lucky bunch who has seen the evolution of the tradtional PR to digital PR. Traditionally, we use to track each newspaper, each websites because back then it wasn’t much but now the times have changed there are so many media houses that sometimes it becomes difficult to keep a track. I remember we used to scan each newspaper and then crop our coverage in paint and then send it to the client and now its all digital you just open the app, website and you get everything in it …. It was like page 3 mein kya aaya, front page par kya aaya? vs today where its more about, this website has spoken about this, where are the other websites.

One advise to the youth that is starting out today in this very competitive field like you had once!

The only advice I will give is to be passionate about what you are doing, yes there will be late nights, there will be stressful time, there will be times when things will not go down how you were thinking but it is very important to keep your calm and patience because that will get you a solution. In the field of PR the most important things that you need to learn is unlearn and learn new things, build your relationships, be solution oriented, be a makeshifter and think before you do!


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