Shark Tank India is a Scam?! Do Judges Ghost Pitcher After Finalising Deal?: Former Contestant Akshay Shah

Shark Tank India season 2 has been facing a lot of controversies ever since the airing of its first episode. From being dubbed and scripted to the judges’ lack of investment in companies that affect a fellow shark.

However, the business reality show has dropped an all time low, as a former contestant accused the judges of ghosting a business owner after making a deal with him on the first season of the show. Akshay Shah, the founder of iWeb who appeared on Shark Tank India season one, has imposed the accusations in a series of tweets on Twitter.

On Twitter, Akshay Shah wrote, “Met a founder yesterday, who had got a deal from two sharks in season 1, who never met him nor responded to his mails post Shark Tank India – ab kya bolen?

When another user asked why the founder won’t reveal the names of the judges, Akshay replied, “Like I said most founders fear, I am helpless 🙂 In season 1 what we faced, more than 50% others faced the same or worse, the outcome being Ashneer was shown the door and sharks counselled not to be rude and brash and be considerate but no founder came out in the open!”

Talking about BharatPe’s former co-founder and managing director Ashneer Grover, who was a judge in season one of the show, was not invited to return for season two. While some speculated it was due to his ongoing scandal, it seems to be due to his blunt and harsh attitude.

On which, Akshay further added that he decided to speak up for the founders as nobody else was doing it. “Its not about they not able to standing for themselves, some founders are aggressive, some are not, 5 fingers are not same, few just put their heads down and keep doing their work, someone has to stand up for them, its for the larger cause,” he tweeted.

Shark Tank India is a business reality show that premiered first in December 2021. The show has returned for its second season with Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal as sharks. CEO and Co-founder of Cardekho Group and Amit Jain replaced Ashneer Grover in season 2.


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