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Rakhi Sawant’s Husband Adil Khan Arrested Following FIR Filed by Bigg Boss 14 Finalist

Adil Khan Durrani, the husband of Rakhi Sawant, was arrested by Oshiwara police after the Bigg Boss 14 finalist filed a FIR against him. A Bigg Boss participant claims Adil stole his money and jewelry. Based on Rakhi’s allegation, the police have filed a FIR under Section 406 of the IPC.

On Monday, Rakhi claimed that her marriage to Adil was finished and made a number of other accusations against him.

Rakhi said that Adil broke up with her for his putative lover Tanu during a media interaction. “Adil ne ultimately decided on Tanu ke saath rahenge,” he said. “Main ja raha hoon tumhe chor ke, Tanu ke paas,” Kal mujhe bol diya unhone ki. Adil has now decided that he would stay with Tanu, saying Main uske saath rahunga. He announced to me yesterday that he was departing for Tanu. I’ll live with her,'” she said to the press.

Rakhi also blamed Adil for her mother’s demise and said that if she had received timely medical attention, she would still be alive today.

“My mother was murdered by you. Maybe my mum wouldn’t have passed away if her therapy had been completed on time. You have given me no other choices… You have robbed me, taken me to the streets, “Added she.

She also charged him of stealing her jewelry from her mother and her mother’s money.

Rakhi said that she had given Adil a check for Rs 10 lakh before entering the Bigg Boss Marathi house in case her mother needed anything in a chat with Waahiid Ali Khan, whom she also refers to as her brother.

“Hospital mein Meri ma dam tod rahi hai. Isn’t it only that my mother’s bank account and I have no money in each other? What’s up, Mari? Adil Khan Durrani’s wife is named Wajah. Us waqt paese dediya hota, us waqt time pe mere ma ka ek chota surgery tha, mera hi paese uska apna nahi. My mum was in pain at the hospital, woh toh ek bhikari hai, uske paas toh kuch nahi hai. He didn’t offer money for the costs even though there was money in the account. How did my mom pass away? Adil Khan Durrani’s fault, It would have been my money if he had donated it for a little operation. He is a beggar, and he has nothing “She spoke to Waahid.

Everyone was taken aback when Rakhi Sawant unexpectedly announced her engagement to Adil Khan in an Instagram picture at the beginning of the year. She kept the marriage a secret in accordance with Adil’s wishes when they got married in 2022.

Ritesh Raj and Rakhi Sawant were previously wed. The two took part in Bigg Boss 15 as well.


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