Park Jimin Sets Internet On Fire With His Grooving Hot Moves!! See Here:

Park Jimin, a member of the icon K-Pop boy band BTS, has once again proved why he is a dance genius.

He has an unparalleled ability to move with elegance and precision no matter which BTS choreography he is performing. The Main Dancer of the group has once again captivated his fans in a clip shared by the boy band’s music agency BigHit. With the cityscape visible through the windows of a skyscraper, Jimin begins the clip sitting, with his back to the camera. That is when the first BTS medley begins and the vocalist quickly turns around to break into his perfect dance moves.

The first song is the popular BTS track I Need U from their 2015 album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1. Jimin effortlessly pulls off the choreography on the chorus of the track. This is the first single that proved to be a game-changer for the group. The song helped BTS win their first music show win on SBS MTV’s The Show.

Jimin then casually switches the choreography to Run from their album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 also released in 2015. The septet had shifted to writing more profound lyrics for this album as they concluded the “Youth Series”.

The third song to which Jimin shows off some pretty dope dance moves is Dope, also from the 2015 BTS album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1. Showcasing some pretty intense moves, Jimin showed no signs of tiring out.

Finally, the vocalist concludes the medley with one of the most energetic choreographies BTS has ever performed on one of the most energetic tracks, Fire. This song was a part of the special album released by the K-Pop stars in 2016. The album was the final chapter of the story of The most beautiful moment in life.

This iconic dance medley from Baby Mochi proved why he is the Main Dancer of BTS. His perfection in all the choreographies comes as no surprise, since he was enrolled in the Busan Arts High School and has had training in Modern Dance. BTS has also always been known to have one of the hardest choreographies ever since their debut in June 2013. Their style and way of doing things are what always made the group stand apart.


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