Is what you’ve seen the honest truth! Will Shiv actually leave the Bigg Boss house?

In the upcoming Weekend ka Vaar renowned director of bollywood Karan will be the host. And he will be revealing some shocking details about the Mandali members Shiv Thakare and Sumbul Touqeer Khan.

He accuses mandali and takes Sumbul’s side, for sidelining her after she was not able to perform the clock task which later resulted Mandali into loosing the Ticket To Finale task.

While talking to Mandali, Karan ask about the situation and says “Since last 3 to 4 days Mandli has not been supportive of Sumbul. Nobody has even confronted her as to what happened and isn’t this a number game then?” Shiv comes forward and says, “If you call someone your friend or a sister we know that in this full journey, we have been blaming her…”

Following this, Karan interrupts and says “who do you think would break the mandali first?” Nimrit Kaur answers, “Nobody sir. The bond is strong.” But Shiv takes Sumbul’s name. 

Moreover, Shiv himself decided that it will be Sumbul who would leave the house. Irked over this, Karan tells Shiv that not Sumbul but it’s him who has got fewer votes and is eliminated. “Aapko lowest votes mile hain, aajao.” After this, Shiv is seen walking toward the exit gate. 

But, is Shiv the real one to get eliminated this weekend?

Not only this, Karan gets raged when Archana Gautam interrupts him in-between while speaking on the Torture Task. Karan says, “When you do some task in Bigg Boss house…, as Archana speaks, he says ‘one minute I am talking’. You are trying to take out your personal feelings during the task and till how much limit do you agree is correct?”

Archana further says that she did not get personal in the task, he used Haldi as a colour. To this, Karan pointed that Archana’s move caused serious injury to Shiv’s eye. “Aapne joh kia, aap nateeja dekh rahi hai na?”

Also, Shiv and Shalin Bhanot gets into an ugly spat of words after the latter calls former ‘aggressive’ and ‘bully’ in front of Karan Johar. Following this, Shiv calls Shalin ‘fake.’ Shiv tells Shalin, “mat nakali ban, isliye terko fake bolte hain.”

This weekend Karan Johar will also be seeing enjoying the skit plays prepared by the house members. A guest appearance by Badshaah will also be given.

So this weekend ka vaar is all filled with drama, aggression, fun and entertainment. Don’t forget to skip others and watch Bigg Boss 16.!!


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