Countries that traveler should avoid

Here Are Some Countries That Every Traveler Should Avoid At All Costs!

There are several countries in the world that are considered unsafe for travelers due to various reasons, such as high crime rates, political instability, war and conflict, health risks, and natural disasters. These countries should be approached with caution, and travelers should make informed decisions before planning a trip there. Some examples of such countries include war-torn areas like Syria and Yemen; countries with high crime rates like Venezuela and South Africa; and nations experiencing political turmoil such as North Korea and Afghanistan. Travelers should stay informed about the latest travel warnings and health risks and always follow the guidelines and recommendations of local authorities.


Madagascar is currently facing several challenges that may make it an unsafe destination for travelers. This includes political instability, high crime rates, and limited infrastructure in certain areas. Additionally, there are health risks such as outbreaks of diseases like malaria, and the country is prone to natural disasters such as cyclones and floods. While Madagascar has many tourist attractions and a rich cultural heritage, travelers should exercise caution and take necessary precautions to ensure a safe trip.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has strict laws and customs that may be unfamiliar to tourists, and non-compliance can result in severe consequences. Women face significant restrictions, including a strict dress code and a ban on driving. The country also has limited options for entertainment and a strict interpretation of Islamic law. Travelers should be aware of the risks and respect local laws and customs. However, if one is aware of these restrictions and willing to abide by them, they can have a safe and culturally enriching experience in Saudi Arabia.


Pakistan is considered an unsafe destination for travelers due to ongoing terrorism and insurgency in certain areas, as well as sectarian violence and high crime rates in some cities. The security situation is highly volatile, and there have been incidents of kidnapping and violence against foreigners. The U.S. and U.K. governments advise against non-essential travel to parts of Pakistan, and travelers should exercise caution and stay informed about the latest security developments. It’s always advisable to follow the guidance of local authorities and limit travel to well-established tourist areas.

Central African Republic

Central African Republic is considered unsafe for travelers due to ongoing conflict and civil unrest. The country has experienced years of political instability, ethnic and religious violence, and the presence of armed groups that pose a threat to the safety of visitors. The security situation is volatile and can change quickly, making it difficult for travelers to stay safe. The country also has limited infrastructure and medical facilities, which can pose a risk to travelers in case of emergency. It is advised that tourists avoid non-essential travel to Central African Republic.


Sudan is currently facing several security and safety concerns, including ongoing conflict and civil unrest, high crime rates, kidnapping incidents, and terrorism threats. The country is also facing political instability, and there have been demonstrations and protests, which have resulted in violence and casualties. These factors make Sudan a high-risk destination for travelers, and tourists are advised to exercise caution and avoid non-essential travel to the country.


Mexico has faced various safety concerns in recent years, including drug-related violence and crime. Some tourist hotspots, such as Acapulco and Tijuana, have high crime rates, and travelers should exercise caution when visiting these areas. Additionally, natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes can also pose a risk to travelers in certain regions of Mexico. While many parts of Mexico are safe for tourists, it is important to stay informed about the latest safety warnings and take necessary precautions when traveling there.


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