Rupali bonds with Sarabhai

Rupali Ganguly on her bond with the Sarabhai cast,”The special and strong bond that we share, continues to remain”

Actress Rupali Ganguly, who rules over television as Anupama, sure does know how to keep her fans hooked on screen as well as off. Before Anupama came along, Rupali ruled hearts for her character Monisha, which she played in the cult show Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai, which is now available on OTT.

Rupali who is quite a social media enthusiast & shares glimpses of her life online, recently took to Twitter to write, ‘Subah 5 baje good morning honi hai aur abhi tak good night bhi nahi hua 🥺
Who is all awake? And what time do u have to be up in the morning?#late late

Sumit Raghavan who played Sahil, her on screen husband on the show replied to the tweet, ‘Monisha,matkadhar baba ki kripa se mom Twitter pe nahi hai. Varna iss faltu time pass ke liye ek dozen taane maarti thi. Shayad dad ne screenshot nikalke bheja hoga mom ko…narayan narayan …’

This conversation got fans excited who quoted lines from the show.

Satish Shah who played Monisha’s father in law, joined the banter, he chimed in, ‘Jo Kuchh mai ab tak ignore kar chuka hoon uske saamney yeh toh kuchh bhi nahi Monisha betaa….’

Rupali was quick to reply in Monisha’s style, she wrote, ‘Toh main ab Manglu Baba se sawa rupaya chadhake mannat mangoongi ( SRK wali nahi asli wali ) ki daddyjee ne meri iss harkat ko ignore kiya ho
PS – waise bhi woh mere team mein hai Mummyjee ke chamche 😂😂’

Speaking about the special and strong bond that Rupali shares with her Sarabhai cast even today, she says, “Be it in person, or via this kind of social media interactions, when the Sarabhai gang gets together it is always madness and an amazing feeling! It was so lovely and surprising to see Sumit and Satish Kaka just reply to my tweets out of the blue. The special and strong bond that we share continues to remain, in this way or any other way even if we don’t end up speaking to each other for long. There is always going to be this connection between us that will remain forever. I was laughing about the thought that if Ratna ben was on Twitter, she would have shouted at me for being awake so late, as I was tweeting in the middle of the night! Haha!”

This twitter thread is definitely a treat for all Sarabhai fans out there. One fan even excitedly asked about a reboot of the show, ‘ Whaaaaattt is happeningggggggggggg kya wo ho raha hai jiska we all have been waiting?’


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