The press con is over but we are not yet over with the lovely bond that Pathaan co-stars share…Read what they has to say about each other!!

The press con is over but we are not yet over with the lovely bond that Pathaan co-stars share.

Recently, Pathaan co-stars Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham addressed the media with their director Siddharth Anand on the super success of the film.

When counted last, Pathaan had earned ₹ 542 crore (gross) worldwide in five days – the action-thriller, produced by Yash Raj Films, released on January 25.

The live conference was all enlivened by chants of “we love Shah Rukh” with the 57 year old superstar known for his wit and charm in top form.

At the event, three of the co-stars were seen sharing a very close bond. Exchanging lovely gestures and praising each others qualities.

John about SRK as Action Hero

When someone asked John about his experience of working with Shah Rukh in the film’s fight sequences, he showered praises on him saying, “I am actually surprised that why he didn’t become an action star earlier because he is so good in action and is so flexible.”

Deepika telling the underrated quality of SRK

To this Deepika chipped in and spoke about Shah Rukh’s most underrated quality. She said, “This is one of the most underrated qualities about him, action is like dance, it’s all about choreography and it’s all about precision, timing and you have to have the presence of mind when you do action and he does it so well.”

Deepika on SRK’s presence of mind

The actor continued, “Of course, he does it in an action movie but he does it even when you are not doing an action movie. His presence of mind and surroundings is something we all have learnt from him.”

SRK calling John the backbone of the movie

I genuinely feel that the backbone and best thing about Pathaan is Jim, played by John. John ho picture me toh kapdon ka kharcha bhi kam aata hai, (when John is in the film, the cost of clothing is also less).”

SRK: Deepika and me just need an excuse

You already know about Deepika and me. We just need an excuse to romance, kiss and hug. Whatever question you ask me, I will kiss her hand and that will be the answer.” Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone have starred in Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express, Happy New Year and now Pathaan.


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