Vincenzo fame Song Joong Ki officially announced his wedding with Girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders, Read Details Here

Vincenzo actor Song Joong Ki took to his official fan cafe to announce that he and Katy Louise Saunders are now married and expecting their first child. Fans might remember back in December, the talented actor was reported to be dating Saunders, a British-Italian woman who also happens to be a former actress herself.

The two were spotted at the airport together and shortly after, Joong Ki’s agency confirmed the news, requesting fans and the media not to publish any speculative and unconfirmed reports about the couple and respect their privacy.

Since then, Song Joong-ki has maintained silence about his personal life. Now, almost a month after making his relationship public, he has confirmed marriage and pregnancy with Katy Louise Saunders, much to the delight of fans.

In his official letter addressed to fans, the Reborn Rich actor announced his decision to spend the rest of his life with Katy Louise Saunders. He revealed that her kind and sensible nature attracted him and made him want to be a better person.He concluded the letter with a sweet note of gratitude to his fans, thanking them for the strength, love, and support they have given him throughout his acting career. He said that he hopes they would continue to cherish him as he embarks upon a new chapter in his personal life.

Shortly after Song Joong-ki’s announcement via his fancafe, his agency HighZium Studio commented on the actor’s marriage and wedding plans.In response to a news report published in the Korean publication Herald Pop, the agency revealed that the couple might have a wedding ceremony separate from the marriage registration, but it has not been confirmed when or where the wedding will be at the moment.

Katy Louise Saunders is a former British-Italian actress known for her work in The Lizzie McGuire Movie and in Third Person, where she starred alongside Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis, and Olivia Wilde.It is believed that the two were introduced by a mutual friend. Katy also coached him in Italian to prep him for his role in Vincenzo. They hit it off as friends, and the relationship eventually blossomed into love.Korean media outlet Dispatch recently reported that the Reborn Rich actor flew down his wife’s family to take care of her during her first trimester and is leaving no stone unturned to ensure she is fully looked after.


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